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House Staging On A Budget

House staging on a budget is achievable if you know where to shop and what to buy. There are easy ways of keeping a tight rein on your spending. Start by reusing what you already have and distribute these items throughout the house. Then you can indulge in a spot of bargain buying!

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House Staging On A Budget By Redistributing What You Have

Once you’ve decided on your interior style, theme and colours, you can start to buy new items or refresh what you already have. A good idea is to redistribute your decorative objects and home accessories. You may have put some things away into storage which you should review and re-use. You can spread these out throughout your home. For example, if you had a throw lying on your sofa, you might want to use this to cover up crumpled bedding instead.

house staging on a budget glass vases

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If you need to depersonalise your space by putting away some of your family photographs, you can reuse the frames for scenic postcards. If you have too much furniture in your living room, re-distribute it to another room. For example, put an armchair in the bedroom if you’ve got the space.

House Staging On A Budget With Plants and Flowers

Buying on-trend plants is a great way to add interest and decoration. For example, last year, succulent plants were desirable. You can pick these up cheap at your local garden centre or online. Buy plant pots from jumble sales, car boot sales, and charity shops. You can paint second-hand terracotta pots with a bright colour. For a rustic look, try distressing the containers using paint techniques.

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Fresh flowers are a great way to add a burst of colour. If you can cut these from your garden, you’ll save money. A few daisies in a cute jam jar on your kitchen window sill would brighten up your space. Perk up your kitchen with a few herbs.

House Staging On A Budget With Second Hand Items

Buy second-hand home accessories, decorative objects, and furniture to keep your budget in check. Go to local car boot sales, antique markets, and charity shops to have a good rummage. Buy some old-fashioned apothecary glass bottles to display in the bathroom. Bag yourself an ornate picture frame that you can replace with a mirror.

house staging on a budget glass vases

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Check eBay, Preloved and Freecycle for additional items. You can always ask your relatives if they would loan you a few objects for your home staging project. Rummage in skips on the street if you need to control your spending.

House Staging On A Budget By Bargain Hunting

If you do decide to buy a few new items to fulfil your home staging vision, visit the discount stores first. Shops such as Primark and TK Maxx stock home accessories, cushions, towels and bedding. Shop around on Amazon, which is a great place to compare the prices of particular items. Check online for flash sales and discounts. Be mindful of lead times for deliveries when buying new things. You’ll need deliveries to take no longer than two weeks.

house staging on a budget glass vases

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You can be inventive in the kitchen by buying food or cans of drink with wholesome or colourful packaging. Think deli displays with packets of pasta, extra virgin olive oil, and coffee beans. This is a great way to fill empty shelves with artisan food cues. Once you’ve sold your house, you get to eat the food!

house staging on a budget glass vases

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Home staging is fun, so try to enjoy it. The aim is to make your space look appealing in the marketing photographs and to potential buyers. Good luck with your project!

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