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Shyguy Creates Bad Asses Industrial Lamps

Finds Edit: Shyguy Bad Asses Industrial Lamps. Shyguy is the daring alter ego of street artist Naomi Wallens. She makes stunning furniture and a cool collection of bum shaped lights! If you want to buy one of the Shyguy Bad Asses Industrial Lamps or have one created just for you, read on.

shyguy bad asses industrial lamps, talking out your arse

Talking Out Your Arse Lamp

Shyguy Bad Asses Industrial Lamps

If you’re looking for a useful piece of art for your home, try the Bad Ass lights by Shyguy. Naomi uses a 3D model of her behind to create industrial-style lights. She then has immense fun using bum puns to create the collection which features witty stencilled sayings.

shyguy bad asses industrial lamps, kiss my arse

Kiss My Arse Lamp

Designs include – Talking Out Your Arse with a book while Kiss My Arse has a big pair of lips in kissing mode. The bases are then adorned with a suitable industrial cage light or lampshade along with other accessories such as spikes. They are part punk, fabulously fetish and have a great sense of humour!

I Have One of These Shyguy Bad Asses Industrial Lamps

Shyguy asked me if I’d like a bespoke Bad Ass Lamp and I jumped at the chance. I’d just moved into a converted warehouse bordering on Bermondsey, Borough and Bankside. Naomi took this information to create a stunning piece of art called ‘Backside’ which was her pun for Bankside! She says, “You feel the history of this area which was a real lawless part of old London. It was rowdy, and lewd, with prisons, brothels and poverty. Fast forward to today, and you now have cool converted factories and warehouses, creative studios, great restaurants, pubs and shops. I wanted to try and bring the cool industrial feel to this Bad Ass but with a big nod to the history of the area.”

shyguy bad asses industrial lamps, naomi with bum

Naomi With Her Bum Cast

Naomi drew inspiration from the Crossbones Graveyard to create my Bad Ass Backside Lamp. She elaborates, “I remember visiting the Graveyard once and loved it. Situated in Southwark, it is in Remembrance of the ‘Dead Outcasts’ with the remains of 15,000 paupers. It lays in an area called The Liberty, which was an area controlled by the Bishop and outside the jurisdiction of the City of London. It had a law unto itself and attracted brothels and activities not permitted within the City. This kind of lawless area appealed to me and the lost and forgotten voices of all of the single women and infants buried there.”

shyguy bad asses industrial lamps, backside bespoke lamp

Bespoke Backside Lamp

Revisiting Crossbones Graveyard provided Naomi with creative cues. She tells me, “I liked the gate of ribbons that people have tied there with the names and dates of all of some of the women. The idea of The Liberty appealed to me, and Lady of the Liberty became a character used on one of the ribbons. Some of the ribbons in the graveyard had metal charms on them, and I had some Milagros charms that I bought in Mexico a few years ago, so attached these to the ribbons. I sourced some antique ribbons and the Rose from Berwick Street in Soho.”

shyguy bad asses industrial lamps, crossbones graveyard

Cross Bones Ribbons Tied To Fence

These ribbons were attached to a spray-painted Jesmonite Bad Ass Cast, taken from the original mould of Naomi’s bottom! She stencilled this with the words she found from a poem about prostitutes – Be Good to Me, and I will be Bad for You. Additional sources of inspiration included ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ by John Constable, which is a book of poems and plays written about the Crossbones Graveyard. Naomi comments, “I hand-painted a duffed-up union jack on the Backside and hand rusted spikes and the metal works of the stem and cage further to give an old industrial feel to the lamp. It’s finished with a red bulb to signify the old red-light district of the Borough.”

shyguy bad asses industrial lamps, backside lamp

Bespoke Backside Lamp

I had no idea what the lamp would look like, and when Naomi brought it over to my apartment. I was thrilled when I saw the light. It was uncanny because since I moved to the area, the Crossbones graveyard has become a special place I like to visit. My apartment has red light shades in the living room, and from the street, at night you can see a red glow which friends have said reminds them of a brothel. The Bad Ass lamp is perfect and something I will treasure forever.

You Can Buy These Shyguy Bad Asses Industrial Lamps

For more information, go to the Shyguy Website. To buy a lamp, art or furniture you can contact the office on, call 07538 565545 or contact Beautiful Crime Gallery on To see the work close up, make an appointment at the Clerkenwell Gallery. Prices depend on the piece. If you want a bespoke Bad Asses Lamp please contact Naomi for a price. She also rents out her work for fashion, music and film projects.

Credits: Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Shyguy. Thanks: Naomi Wallens.Disclosure: Shyguy made me a bespoke lamp in return for this article. This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.