Have you heard the buzz about Hygge? (Pronounced as ‘hue-gah’ or ‘hoo-gah’). It’s a Danish word which is about living well and enjoying simple pleasures. It’s gone a little crazy with quite a few Hygge books written about the subject. The closest translation for us Brits is probably feeling cosy or improving one’s well-being. Okay, some people might think it’s a load of nonsense or perhaps our Danish friends being a tad smug. I really think it’s summing up what people start to realise when they get older; that your big promotion or those extravagant purchases aren’t going to make you truly happy. To me, that’s really the key, just be thankful for life’s little pleasures and you will automatically be so much happier.

hygge brunch at newington table

Weekend Brunch with Friends

My Hygge Happiness

I’ve owned my own business, had a demanding career and am now ultra-lucky because I can create my own agenda and work from home. I feel blessed to know that it really is those simple little pleasures that make you happy. My life is just one big ‘Hygge Hug’ now, especially because I’m a blogger so do what I want when I want. Here’s ten of my little pleasures in life …

One: Being a blogger and making up my job as I go along is total freedom.

Two: Wearing my pyamas while working is the best, okay I do try to get properly dressed around 10am so I’m not too much of a slob!

Three: Taking photograph of things that make me happy is a pleasure – cats, cakes and flowers – see my Instagram feed and you’ll understand.

Four: Sneaking treats to the neighbourhood cats so they let me stroke them. I get the pleasure of owning a pet without having to own a pet. It’s a win, win situation and so much cheaper!

hygge ernest catography

Ernest (Grumpy Neighbourhood Cat)

Five: Heading off to enjoy breakfast on a weekday and seeing all those poor people rushing to the tube station is a satisfying sense of smugness (sorry people but I used to do the commuting bit myself).

Six: Enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a free London newspaper in a café. I remember the days when you had to pay for newspapers and the coffee wasn’t very good. Now that the coffee has improved and the newspapers are free, this makes me want to shout yippee!

Seven: Eating a relaxed brunch at the weekend with friends or with my Homeboy. Eating out is my biggest expense now and I’m thankful that London has so many great restaurants and food markets to try.

Eight: Going out for a walk at the weekend with friends and exploring London. I always feel so lucky to live in this amazing city. Walking along Regents Canal is my favourite.

hygge, walk regents canal

Regents Canal Walk

Nine: Cuddling up to a hot water bottle in the evening while watching my favourite box sets and putting those pyjamas back on again.

Ten: Switching off my mobile phone at night, leaving it in the other room and closing the door on it.

Hygge Books and Pinterest Inspiration

I’m sure you can figure out what makes you happy and do more of it. If you do need to read a book about the subject there are plenty on the market. Some of the authors to look out for are Meik Wiking, Louisa Thomsen Brits, Jonny Jackson and Elias Larsen, Marie Tourell Søderberg, Signe Johansen and Pia Edberg. For lovely photographs and ideas check out my Hygge Pinterest Board.

hygge pinterest board

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Cover photograph of Alpaca Boot Slippers from Samantha Holmes at notonthehighstreet.com. Other images by Homegirl London.