Indoor planters and plant pots have firmly rooted themselves as a significant interiors trend for next year. This was evident after visiting London Design Fair and Design Junction exhibitions yesterday. Everywhere I turned, there was greenery housed in the coolest plant pots and holders. Because plants can help reduce stress, The London Design Fair identified ‘Biophilia’ as one of the growing urban trends. I picked out my favourite indoor planters to tempt your green fingers and give your urban retreats a welcome treat!

indoor planters, ann kristin einarsen, norway

Ann Kristin Einarsen Rolla Planters

Indoor Planters Spotted at London Design Fair (Tent London)

Ann Kristin Einarsen: Part of the 100% Norway showcase was Ann Kristin Einarsen. From a wood crafting background, Ann is now a ceramic designer exploring stoneware. She creates sculptures, installations and functional pieces from her studio located in Oslo. Two planters from Ann include Sip, which is in two parts and self-waters by allowing plants to ‘sip’ the water. Rolla is a two-tone planter reminiscent of the Plus salt and pepper grinders by Muuto.

indoor planters, ann kristin einarsen

Ann Kristin Einarsen Rolla Planters

Nir Meiri Studio: The Babilus collection by Nir Meiri features vessels made from layers of bamboo, wood (chipboard), glass and Corian (which appears as though it were stone). The designs have been inspired by the architecture of ancient cities, temples and altars, with an ancient skyline in mind. The vase shape is ideal for a single sprig, and the pot shape can be used for a small plant or to hold a bouquet.

indoor planters, nir meiri design

Nir Meiri Studio Babilus Vases and Planters

Before Breakfast: This East London based graphic led design studio owned by Nicki Shen has created these useful boxy canvas holders. You can use them to store odds and ends lying around or as a planter. I love the idea of using these for plants because it’s something different from the usual containers. These are made from the recycled canvas by craftspeople in Yokohama in Japan. Bag yourself a few of these because they are both impressive and convenient.

indoor planters, before breakfast

Before Breakfast Canvas Planters

Indoor Planters Spotted at Design Junction

Atelier 2+: Spotted on the Design House Stockholm was this amazing Greenhouse designed by Atelier 2+ who are Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranont. It’s the perfect size to place in your home if you want to tend to a mini garden. What a fantastic idea for urban apartments with no direct access to a garden. Design House Stockholm was founded in 1992 by Anders Färdig and is one of the leading brands in Scandinavian Design.

indoor planters, design house stockholm

Design House Stockholm Greenhouse by Atelier 2+

Caroline Wetterling: Also on the Design House Stockholm stand was the Grow Greenhouse for small flowers or nurturing plants. The glass is in two parts with the bottom holding the soil and the baby plant. The top has a spout so can also be used as a little watering can. Created using hand-made glass, it works along the lines as a tiny greenhouse.

glass indoor planters, design house stockholm

Design House Stockholm Grow Greenhouse by Caroline Wetterling

Geo-Fleur: If you’re after geometric planter pots, hanging planters, ceramic vases, glass air plant holders or terrariums, this is where you’ll find them all. This business is all about bringing botanicals inside to cheer up our interiors. Materials used to create their planters include concrete, ceramic and glass. With a wide selection of planters, you’ll find something lush to fall in love with.

indoor planters, geo fleur

Geo-Fleur Planters

Buy Indoor Planters

If you’re looking for indoor plant pots, try the websites featured above or craft-based websites such as (Affiliate Link) or Etsy UK (Affiliate Link) who offer extensive selections. Go forth and be green!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Ann Kristin Einarsen, 100% Norway, Nir Meiri Studio, Before Breakfast, Atelier 2+, Caroline Wetterling, Design House Stockholm and Geo Fleur. Thanks: Seen PR for Press Information and Images. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – and Etsy UK (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).






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