lene bjerre depot black metal furniture range

Industrial Loft Style Black Metal Furniture

Homegirl London finds the amazing black metal furniture Depot Collection from Lene Bjerre. I must admit that I am totally besotted by this range of industrial style furniture. I love the loft look and the fact that each item is very versatile. Choose from a bureau desk, console table, side table, tray trolley, bookcases and coffee table. If you’re a fan of Danish design, you’ll appreciate this selection of super cool black metal furniture.

black metal furniture display unit

Frame Shelving Unit from Wayfair (Picture Affiliate Link)

Lene Bjerre Depot Black Metal Furniture Collection

The Depot Desk is in an old fashioned bureau style. It has one large desk drawer underneath with two handles. You also get five smaller compartments on top for all your necessary accessories. The desk is made from distressed black metal with a simple standing frame. This piece is ideal if you need a place to catch up on correspondence or emails. It is a compact size so can be placed in your bedroom, living room or perhaps your dining room. The measurements are 100cm high, 90cm wide and 56cm in depth. Current price is £983. Product code: LE0624.

black metal furniture bureau desk

Bureau Desk from Wayfair

This Chest of Drawers doubles as a console table. This item would be ideal for any room in your home. Place it in the hallway so you have somewhere to sort through your letters or riffle through your bag for the keys first thing in the morning. Use it in the kitchen for additional countertop space. With three drawers you get somewhere to stash your bits and pieces plus the additional top surface and underneath the shelf. The measurements are 84cm high, 80cm wide and 45cm in depth. Current price £750. Product code: LE0567.

black metal furniture console table

Console Chest of Drawers from Wayfair

Also in the collection is this cute Side Table. Use it in the living room as somewhere to rest your coffee cup, a lovely lamp or potted cactus plant. Or you can place it in the boudoir and use as a bedside table. It has two drawers plus the shelf at the bottom and usable space on top. I love the little legs. The measurements are 84cm high, 40cm wide and 35cm in depth. Current price is £396. Product code LE0566. There is also a taller side table which has one drawer and two slatted shelves underneath. Product code: LE0718.

black metal furniture side table

Side Table from Wayfair

This large Frame Shelving Unit is quite spectacular. I love the multi-levels which has been inspired by Manhattan loft interiors. It would certainly be the focal point of any room and could also be used as a room divider. It is the perfect place to display all your decorative objects or trophies if you’re an overachiever or show off! The measurements are 140cm high, 70cm wide and 53cm in depth. Current price £775. Product code: LE0719.

black metal furniture display shelf unit

Frame Shelving Unit from Wayfair

This Coffee Table is very cool. It has the same sculptural frame which makes this piece somewhat sexy. The design would work well in various interiors whether it is contemporary, industrial or rustic. Place this coffee table in your living room or conservatory. The measurements are 47cm high, 48cm wide and 80cm in depth. Current price £310. Product code: LE0538.

black metal furniture coffee table

Coffee Table from Wayfair

Lene Bjerre Depot Black Metal Furniture on Wheels

This Chest of Nine Drawers with Wheels is fab. You get nine-box shape drawers to keep your clutter at bay. This storage is brilliant for your home office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Because it sits upon four cute castors, it can be moved around your home if you want to locate it somewhere new. The mango wood top breaks up the bold black. The measurements are 85cm high, 70cm wide and 40cm in depth. Current price £1135. Product code: LE0733.

black metal furniture chest on wheels

Chest of Nine Drawers with Wheels from Wayfair

If you need a tall slim Bookcase, this one has three mango wood shelves on top plus three drawers at the bottom. It comes on castors so you can move if required. This piece can be used in your home office for books and folders. It would also work well in the living room as somewhere for your ornaments. The measurements are 166cm high, 43cm wide and 40cm in depth. Current price £882. Product code: LE0565.

black metal furniture bookcase on wheels

Bookcase from Wayfair

Also in the collection is a terrific Tray Table. This is brilliant for wheeling hedonistic cocktails around at your next gathering. The sculptural frame is very sexy which also helps you guide the cart. You can use this trolley in the kitchen for extra storage and wheel your meals through to the dining room like a proper hostess with the mostess! It would also be suitable for the bathroom which you can use to stack towels on the bottom shelf. Or put it in your home office as somewhere your printer might want to sit. Measurements are 86cm high, 96cm wide and 52cm in depth. Current price is £449. Product code: LE0540.

black metal furniture tray trolley

Tray Table from Wayfair

Buy This Black Metal Furniture Collection

You can buy all these items from Wayfair. This online store sells a wide range of furniture, home accessories, lighting and plenty more. It’s a great place to shop for designer home brands all in one place. They stock a wide range of Lene Bjerre products which is well worth a browse. Other items have a more natural look using muted earthy tones.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Wayfair.