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Industrial Style King Size Black Metal Bed Frames

Finds Edit: King Size Black Metal Bed Frames. I’ve just moved into a converted warehouse apartment and was looking for an industrial-style bed without spending too much cash. After a few hours of research, I whittled my choice down to these six King Size Black Metal Bed Frames, which I wanted to share with you.

King Size Black Metal Bed Frames Edit

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Finds Edit

Penn Bed Frame: Beautiful black powder-coated metal frame with high headboard and no footboard, £229 from UK (product code: BEDPEN025BLK-UK).

Onyx Bed Frame: Rounded shaped headboard and no footboard make this bed a simple yet stylish piece, £144.99 from Julian Bowen at Worldstores (product code: WS439541 ~ 839777).

Sprint Bed Frame: This modernist masterpiece has a bold industrial slant with a contemporary feel and sprung birch slats for extra flex, £279 from UK (product code: BEDSPR002BLA-UK).

Keeler Bed Frame: For a vintage feel try this Victorian Gaslight design which is romantic and nostalgic, £635 from Barker and Stonehouse.

Pisces Bed Frame: Chunky frame with high headboard and footboard, which is sure to make a statement in the bedroom, £184.99 sale price from Mercury Row at Wayfair (product code: MERW1383).

Azalea Bed Frame: Straightforward charcoal black frame with horizontal poles on the headboard and low footboard, £299.99 from Riley Ave at Wayfair (product code: TMZ1004).

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