interior paint ideas for home decorating trends

Interior Paint Ideas For Decorating Trends

Dulux has just announced their interior paint ideas for next year’s home decorating trends and the corresponding palettes of paint colours for walls. The Dulux ColourFutures Team consists of a collection of global experts from the world of design (architecture, textiles, graphics, research, etc). These forward-thinking gurus come together to debate forthcoming trends which are rooted in our social consciousness and the changing world around us. This year they settled on four interior decor trends; Heritage and Future, Dark and Light, Words and Pictures plus The Grid and Letting Go. These four trends have been given a key framework of ‘Looking Both Ways’ which encapsulates their double-sided findings. I’ll explain these interior paint ideas so you can get clued up on what to expect as we head into 2016.

interior paint ideas, words and pictures, living room

Words and Pictures Living Space (Picture Affiliate Link)

Four Interior Paint Ideas For 2016

Looking Both Ways: The overarching theme for these four trends is encapsulated in the phrase of Looking Both Ways. What it means, in a nutshell, is that for every trend there is a counter-trend, a yin to a yang, a positive to a negative and so on. This will become apparent as I explain each trend in more detail.

interior paint ideas, heritage and future kitchen

Heritage and Future Kitchen (Picture Affiliate Link)

Heritage and Future: Looking to the past we are able to take forward the best ideas into the present. With heritage comes authenticity and credibility and so does familiarity and comfort. The creative world often dips into bygone eras to stimulate their thinking. Take furniture designers as an example, they regularly work with a traditional chair frame which is upholstered in contemporary fabric to bring it into the future. Most homes these days will welcome an eclectic mix of furniture from a traditional comfortable armchair which might sit next to a mid-century modern classic or a totally new design.

interior paint ideas, heritage and future trend palette

Heritage and Future Colour Palette (Picture Affiliate Link)

The colour palette associated with the Heritage and Future Trend features reds which reflect our rich heritage. These are counterbalanced with brighter and more contemporary colours which take us into the future. There are ten colours in total which include; Fire Cracker (10YR 21/436) a warm red rather than an obvious primary tone. Gipsy Bloom 2 (10YR 27/323) has a pinkish tinge to it and is somewhat romantic. Treasured Coral (60YR 31/368) takes you towards a burnt orange. Labrador Sands 2 (20YY 38/225) is moving into the ochre territory. There are also some warm browns along with a few light pinkish shades.

interior paint ideas, heritage and future painted room

Heritage and Future Living Room (Picture Affiliate Link)

Dark and Light: We’ve been embracing darkness recently with the introduction of  Earth Hour which sees millions of people around the world turn off their lights as a stance against light pollution. A dark painted room doesn’t have to be sinister or dreary, it can be womb-like and comforting. The Dutch masters of the 17th-century art world were famed for their dark colour palette but they knew how to capture lustre and those all-important glimmers of light breaking through the darkness. With our obsessiveness of light-filled rooms, sometimes we just need to escape, hibernate and recharge our batteries. It’s always nice to have a ‘snug’ room to relax and unwind from our busy and hectic lives.

interior paint ideas, dark and light tend palette

Dark and Light Colour Palette (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Dark and Light colour palette features some extremely dark shades of blues, purples and greens. Galactic Sky (46RB 06/074) is a deep purple come blue which has such a depth to it. Lights Out (30BB 05/022) is another very dark tone which really draws you into its deep depths. Alpine View (50GG 05/063) is such a dense green which is quite something. You also have some mid-tones like Soft Maplewood 1 (10YY 23/261) which is ochre tinged and on the lighter end, there’s Clouded Pearl (30BG 72/017) which is grey with a hint of dusty pink.

interior paint ideas, dark and light trend bedroom

Dark and Light Bedroom (Picture Affiliate Link)

Words and Pictures: In this digital world we live in there is so much visual stimulation that we are becoming bombarded with pictures and photographs. These images have become unreal and fake due to Photoshopping manipulations and enhancements to social media image filters which are leading to distrust. With the use of hashtags and words of wisdom overlaid on top of images, written words are being diminished. This has resulted in us returning to value the spoken word, such as poetry and good old fashioned storytelling or yearning for the craft and skill of a creative wordsmith.

interior paint ideas, words and pictures trend palette

Words and Pictures Colour Palette (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Words and Pictures interpretation of this social feeling through colour has resulted in the use of blue to represent ink and the grey of graphite combined with tones linked to smartphones and social media filters found on the likes of Instagram. Some of these colours are Veiled Velvet (70BB 15/081) which is just so mysterious and stunning I absolutely love it. A lighter shade is Marble Swirl 6 (90BB 67/069) which is a dusty violet lilac shade and Pebble Drift (90BG 42/106) is such an amazing light blue-grey.

interior paint ideas, words and pictures, home office

Words and Pictures Home Office (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Grid and Letting Go: Everyone is talking about going ‘off-grid’ and escaping from the world in order to find ourselves. Breaking the rules always sounds appealing and it’s something we would like to think we could do, even if we don’t actually do it. But to break the rules you need rules in the first place, a framework or a reference to rebel against. This could just mean a change from our normal life and what we often call the daily grind. For example, if you work in an office with computers all day you might want to get all earthy and back to nature in an allotment in the evenings.

interior paint ideas, the grid and letting go trend palette

The Grid and Letting Go Colour Palette (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Grid and Letting Go colour palette is vivid and playful as one might expect. But it is within a framework of black and white which is the grid part. Lights Out (30BB 05/022) is the black and Chalk Dust (10BB 83/017) is the white. Some of those brighter colours are orange tones of Flame Frenzy 5 (50YR 32/460) and the peachier Sumatran Melody 4 (70YR 56/190). Yellowish Ochre is found with Sun Dust 1 (30YY 41/700) and Sweet Citrus (60YY 55/504). Blues are Pebble Drift 3 (90BG 42/106) and Blue View (30BG 43/163). It’s a cheerful palette which is full of zest for the summer months. Don’t forget to break the rules either, so paint outside of the lines!

interior paint ideas, the grid and letting go, living room

The Grid and Letting Go Living Room

Cherished Gold Interior Paint Ideas

From these four trends, Dulux has picked out one main colour which transcends all the colour palettes. Cherished Gold is the star of 2016. It’s a great choice because it’s an evolution of the 2015 colour of Copper Blush.

interior paint ideas, cherished gold, living room set

Dulux Colour of the Year is Cherished Gold (Picture Affiliate Link)

It also gives you a great backdrop to all the gold-coloured furniture, lighting and home accessories which have been emerging. With a warm tone, it is a colour which also complements natural wood. If you want just one paint to transform your home this year, then Cherished Gold might be the answer.

Interior Paint Ideas Information

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