interior trends shows concrete material strong support

Interior trends show concrete material strong support

During the London Design Festival, I visited many of the trade exhibitions and noticed that concrete stood out as one of the hardcore interior trends.  Anyone who knows me well will have probably heard me say that “I love living in the city and being surrounded by concrete,” well now I can have it at home.  This amazing material has been used to create everything from contemporary lighting to furniture and even bathroom sinks.  If you’re looking for some interior trends to inspire you, check out my concrete mix!

interior trends polished concrete top with steel legs from set workshop

Polished Concrete Top with Steel Legs by Set Workshop

Concrete is made up from a blend of water, aggregate (sand, stones, gravel, pebbles, etc) and cement to form a fluid mass which can then be poured into a mould to set.  Once hardened, the material becomes durable which has many uses, mainly in construction, but as we see now it’s fast becoming the material for making statement products for the home.

Interior Trends Shine on Concrete Contemporary Lighting

At 100% Design, I spotted Bentu Design, a company based in China, who makes a wide range of concrete products including lighting, ashtrays, plant pots and side tables.  I was particularly excited about their lighting offering which included lamps and ceiling pendants.  Here are a few of their designs to give you an idea of what concrete lampshades look like.

interior trends concrete lighting by bentu designs

Concrete Lighting by Bentu Design

Interior Trends Focus on Concrete Furniture

At Tent London I came across Set Workshop, a London based design studio specialising in concrete surfaces and products.  They had a very cool collection of tables on show ranging from coffee tables to side tables and dining tables.  Some were totally concrete whilst others were paired with bold coloured metal frames or legs.

interior trends concrete furniture and tables by set workshop

Concrete Furniture and Tables by Set Workshop

Interior Trends Showcase Concrete Bathroom Sinks

I also noticed a company called Lowinfo at 100% Design who specialise in concrete fashion!  They are leaders in the design and fabrication of custom made concrete interior products.  If you want something made of concrete, these are the go-to people.  For example, they make an amazing selection of bathroom sinks in concrete called Kast.  These hand wash basins are actually made to order so you can tailor the size and style to suit your requirements.  Aside from the cool bathroom sinks, Lowinfo also makes custom kitchen worktops, tables and seating.

interior trends concrete bathroom sinks by lowinfo

Concrete Bathroom Sinks by Lowinfo

Where to Buy Concrete Products Shown in These Interior Trends

If you’re after a slab of concrete for your own home, here are links to the companies I’ve highlighted in this article.

Bentu Designs
Set Workshop

Another company worth mentioning is Kaza Concrete, a fine-concrete design and manufacturing company making textured concrete surfaces like tiles.  They have some very unique designs which are well worth a look.

Kaza Concrete

Aside from these concrete pieces spotted at the exhibitions, Heal’s also has a couple of products – side table and light shades made from concrete.  Houseology has some tables online.  These two are worth checking out, here’s a picture and the links are below, just search for concrete and you’ll find the products.

interior trends concrete furniture and ceiling light

Concrete Products from Heal’s and Houseology

Heal’s Link: Heal’s
Houseology Link: Ceased Trading

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Bentu Design, Set Workshop, Lowinfo, Heal’s and Houseology.