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Issho-Ni Japanese Restaurant Bethnal Green Road London

We noticed the Issho-Ni Japanese Restaurant while exploring Bethnal Green Road, London E2. A week later, we walked over to Shoreditch and ate lunch there, which was excellent, hence why I am sharing my experience with you. If you’re looking for Japanese restaurants on Bethnal Green Road, the best places for Bento Boxes in Shoreditch or Sushi in London E2, you’ll be delighted with a meal at Issho-Ni.

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“Superb service, stylish interiors and delicious food make this Japanese restaurant a big hit, especially because you can build your own Bento Box for lunch with all your favourites,” Homegirl London.

Issho-Ni Japanese Lunch Menu

Issho-Ni serves lunch Tuesday to Friday from 12 noon until 3.30 pm. The lunch menu is concise but gives you a good overview of what to expect if you return for dinner.

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Start with a few Sides of Chicken or Veg Gyoza, one of my Japanese favourites. Other nibbles include Edamame, Sweetcorn Kakiage with Truffle Mayo, Lotus Root Chips, Homemade Kimchi, Miso Soup, Wasabi Peas and a few other tempting appetizers. Sides/Starters cost £3.50-6.70.

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My partner was super happy because he could build his own Bento Box for £9, which is fantastic value. You choose one item from each section: Cold (Salmon, Seared Butterfish, Inari Pockets), Hot (Chicken Teriyaki, Mackerel Teriyaki, Nasu Dengaku), Side 1 (Chicken Gyoza, Prawn Tempura, Vegetable Gyoza) and Side 2 (Rice, Green Salad, Kimchi). My partner said the Seared Butterfish was outstanding; it was the first time he’s tried it after a recommendation from the staff. There is enough choice for fish lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

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I chose the Veggie Tempura Udon from the Bowls and Donburi list. I thoroughly enjoyed my bowl of steaming Dash Broth with Shitake Mushrooms, Spring Onions, Udon Noodle and Veg Tempura. They also serve Prawn Tempura Udon, should you prefer that option instead.

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Meat eaters will enjoy the Wagyu Beef Donburi with Peppered Wagyu Beef, Garlic Flakes, Poached Egg, Spring Onion and Nori. If you want fish try the Chirashi Bowl with Diced Tuna, Salmon and Seabass or Unagi Don with grilled Fresh Water Eel. The other option is Chicken Katsu Curry, a staple dish in every Japanese restaurant. These dishes cost £9.80-24.40.

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If you prefer Maki, the list includes Salmon Avocado, California, Veggie, Prawn Tempura and Spider. Maki costs £8.20-14.90. You can sample from the full menu for dinner, which includes Nigiri, Sashimi, Maki Rolls and Sushi Platters.

issho ni japanese restaurant bethnal green road interiors

They also have a couple of desserts, but we were full after consuming our Gyoza, Bento Box and Veggie Tempura Udon that we didn’t indulge in. However, I did like the sound of the French Toast with Matcha and Kinako Powder, Milk and Red Bean Ice Cream. Or you can opt for the cute Mochi Ice Cream dessert. Check out the Cocktail list using Japanese spirits and spices.

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Helpful Information About Issho-Ni Shoreditch

To find out more, visit the Issho-Ni Japanese Restaurant Website. The address is 185 Bethnal Green Road, London 6AB, with Shoreditch High Street being the closest station. Please check the Website for current opening times; they are closed on Mondays and Sundays. Issho-Ni is perfect if you want a quick weekday lunch, weekend brunch (they serve bottomless brunch), or a cosy dinner with your partner. We sat outside, but I did go inside to take a picture, and the interiors were stylish yet inviting.

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