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Kalamaki Street Greek London Bridge SE1

We’ve eaten takeaway food from Kalamaki Street Greek London Bridge a couple of times recently. We noticed that it had opened up and ordered take-out to eat by the River Thames, a short walk away. If you fancy Greek street food, whether it is a Souvlaki Wrap, Gyros Wrap, Skewer, Fries or Baklava, you can satisfy your cravings from Kalamaki Street Greek London Bridge. It’s perfect if you are looking for takeaway food near London Bridge, Greek food in SE1 or places to eat near More London.

kalamaki street greek london bridge vegan wrap and baklava

Vegan Wrap and Baklava

The Souvlaki Wraps are delicious. We tried the Hella Fella, a vegan wrap with falafel balls, houmous, rocket, pickled red onion, tomato and cucumber. The veggie option is Gardenopolis with grilled halloumi, cherry tomato, lettuce, shoestring fries, caramelised onion, parsley and a honey mustard dressing. Both were tasty and packed full of lovely ingredients. I thought that the packaging was nicely done. If you prefer grilled pork, you will enjoy the Pigasus. Grilled chicken fans can try the His and Hercules. Lamb lovers can opt for the L’ambrosia. Otherwise, you can ask for the Classic with a choice of chicken, pork or halloumi. Choose your pita type from Traditional, Wholegrain or Corn, which is fresh and fluffy.

kalamaki street greek london bridge vegetarian wrap

Vegetarian Wrap

If you don’t fancy a Wrap, you can pack in the proteins with a skewer. Options include chicken, pork, lamb or halloumi for vegetarians. Or you may prefer a Gyros Wrap filled with chicken, pork or vegan gyros. It comes with fresh tomato, red, onion, tzatziki, mama’s chips and paprika inside a fluffy Greek Pita.

kalamaki street greek london bridge croquettes


If you are craving chips, you will be happy with the Sweet Potato Fries, Eureka Truffle Fries or the Greek Chips. Add a dip or sauce so you can dunk your chips in Smoky Aubergine or Lemon and Garlic Aioli.

kalamaki street greek london bridge halloumi popcorn

Popcorn Halloumi

I particularly like the selection of sides. We devoured the Zucchini and Feta Croquettes with a Tzatziki dip and the Popcorn Halloumi, which were excellent. Next time I will order Spanakopita, an authentic Greek baked spinach and cheese pasty. Homeboy has his eye on the Calamari. If you are trying to be healthy, add the Greek Village salad or Aegean Slaw.

kalamaki street greek london bridge brownie baklava

Brownie Baklava

Save room for the Brownie Baklava or the standard Baklava. We ate both, but not at the same time because they are huge, so you may wish to share. Baklava is sweet tasting thanks to the honey. I am a fan of filo pastry, so I am particularly fond of this layered pastry. Greek Churros and Mini Cream Pies are also available.

Overall, the food is a good standard for a fast food come small takeaway chain. It was made quickly and was noticeably tasty. The sides are worth trying, and they have a great choice of fries! I will go back again to try the Spanakopita.

Kalamaki Street Greek London Bridge Information

kalamaki street greek london bridge exterior

Kalamaki Street Greek London Bridge Exterior

To give you an idea about the prices, Wraps cost £5.95-7.95, Gyros Wraps are £5.95 and Skewers cost £3.25-3.50. If you want to sample the Greek street food, go to the Kalamaki Street Greek Website. The address is 104 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TH. It is a short walk from London Bridge Station. Other London locations include Crouch End, Swiss Cottage, Whitechapel, Covent Garden and Fulham. At London Bridge, the eatery has stools and counters should you wish to consume your food inside. If the weather is a nice walk through More London and you can dine alfresco by the River Thames. Enjoy your Greek street food! If you are interested in exploring the area further, please read my Ten Things To Do In London Bridge article.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London.