kitsch flamingo home decor trend

Kitsch flamingo home decor trend

Our love for flamingo home decor doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. We just can’t seem to get enough of decorative flamingos and who can blame us? If you love super cute and kitsch pink home accessories this is one interior trend that is just too darling to miss out on. With their pretty pink feathers, to the way they stand on one leg and stay true to their mates, these adorable birds continue to captivate us. It’s no wonder they are adorning everything from cushions to drum lamp shades, wall art prints, wallpaper, wall stickers and curious objects. I’ve picked out my favourite flamingo home decor to start you off on your flamingo fling!

flamingo home decor cushion, graham and green

Cushion from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Flamingo Home Decor Cushions And Drum Lampshades

I’ll start off with a few flamingo cushions. This is an easy way to introduce the trend into your living room without too much effort. Flamingos are known for staying true to their partners, although I have heard that in larger colonies they are more likely to go off with someone else! If you prefer the story about being faithful, you might like these cushions with a left and right flamingo so you can position them facing each other on your sofa. You do have the option to buy these separately if you are not a fan of monogamy! They are made from 100% polyester, the measurements are 60cm square – £60 from Graham & Green.

flamingo home decor cushion, graham and green online

Cushion from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

This flamingo cushion features two birds facing to make a heart shape which has been taken from an original painting and digitally printed. The pink of the flamingos is dramatised against the dark grey background. The front material is silk and the reverse is cotton which is filled with non-allergenic synthetic fibre. The measurements are 32cm high and 48cm wide – £54 by Katie and The Wolf at

flamingo home decor cushion, katie and the wolf

Cushion from Katie and The Wolf at (Picture Affiliate Link)

For maximum impact go for this Flamboyant Flamingo Cushion which has been designed by London fashion stylist Claire Ginzler. The cover is 100% cotton sateen and with the luxury duck feather inner, it’s super soft to curl up against. The measurements are 45cm square – £55 by Posh Totty Designs Interiors at

flamingo home decor cushion, posh totty designs

Cushion from Posh Totty Designs at (Picture Affiliate Link)

This handmade drum lampshade comes in lovely linen with a beautiful design by Juliet Travers who is known for her wildlife illustrations for wallpaper, fabrics and cushions. Here, she depicts flamingos and their water reflections against a pale blue background. These are suitable for both ceiling lights and table lamps. The measurements are 24cm high and 30cm in diameter – £95 from Lolly and Boo at

flamingo home decor, drum lampshade, juliet travers

Lampshade from Lolly and Boo at (Picture Affiliate Link)

 If you’d prefer a drum lampshade full with flamingos, this one is perfect. It’s handmade and features illustrations with beautiful coral-pink colours. It’s available in three sizes which are 20cmm, 30cm and 40cm in diameter – £45 upwards from Blank Inside at

flamingo home decor, drum lampshade, blank inside

Lampshade from Blank Inside at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Flamingo Home Decor Wall Decoration

Brighten up your space with the Flamingo Crazy Print which is ever so cute. With the colourful typography featuring a flirty flamingo, it is a happy piece of art which is a lovely gift for a friend. It comes in A4 size which can be framed or unframed – £18.50 upwards by Sweetlove Press at

flamingo home decor, wall art, sweetlove press

Print from Sweetlove Press at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Another bright and adorable print is this one entitled ‘Be Yourself.’ This watercolour bird is featured on a striking teal background for maximum impact. It is sold unframed and is A4 size – £16.75 by Paper Plane from The Lost Lanes.

flamingo home decor, be yourself, wall art, the lost lanes

Print from The Lost Lanes

Also by Paper Plane is this neon pink flamingo standing on one leg against a totally black background. This would be fabulous placed in a golden frame. It’s available in A4 and A2 size – £16.75-39.75 by Paper Plane from The Lost Lanes.

flamingo home decor, wall art, the lost lanes

Print from The Lost Lanes

If you want to go totally crazy you can completely cover a wall or an entire room with this wallpaper which is aptly named A Flamboyance of Flamingos. The design is by Lydia Meiying who is inspired by the wonders of the natural world, tropical birds and bright colours. It has been printed onto high-quality non-woven paper with a luxurious matt finish. Just paste the wall and apply. The roll size is 60.01cm wide and 10m long – £230 from Snuugle at

flamingo home decor, wallpaper

Wallpaper from Snuugle at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Flamingo Home Decor Accessories

Now for a couple of fun items that will tickle you pink! Go kitsch with these quirky plastic flamingos which come on long metal legs. You can place them in the garden or around the home for an instant flamingo fix. They come in a pair and are a nice gift for a friend – £26 from Rose and Grey.

flamingo home decor, decorative object, rose and gey

Decorative object from Rose and Grey

I just love this light bulb which encases a flamingo and palm tree – £9.95. You can buy the bell jar casing separately which is just perfect for displaying this bulb. The glass bell dome comes with a mango wooden base – £130 from Graham & Green.

flamingo home decor, bell jar and bulb, graham and green

Decorative object from Graham and Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Flamingo Home Decor Products

You can buy these fancy flamingo goodies from the following online shops.

Graham & Green Affiliate Link: Graham & Green
Katie and The Wolf,  Posh Totty Designs Interiors, Lolly and Boo, Blank Inside, Sweetlove Press and Snuugle at Affiliate Link:
The Lost Lanes Link: The Lost Lanes
Rose and Grey Link: Rose and Grey

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