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La Terrazza Italian Restaurant Eataly Bishopsgate

La Terrazza Italian Restaurant at Eataly Bishopsgate is where you can enjoy a delicious Italian meal on a terrace overlooking busy Bishopsgate. The restaurant and bar take inspiration from the Italian summers and alfresco dining with family and friends. The seasonal menu features pizza and pasta along with Italian cheeses and salads. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Bishopsgate or Italian restaurants near Liverpool Station, head to La Terrazza. We’ve tried to book a few times, and there hasn’t been any availability. We passed by last week early evening and managed to bag a table for two; happy days!

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“Soak up the sun as you tuck into a Roman-style pizza or bowl of pasta, and you raise your Aperol cocktail and say cheers,” Homegirl London

La Terrazza Italian Restaurant Eataly Bishopsgate Menu

Start with a few nibbles, whether it’s Olives, Sundried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Homemade Bread with Taralli (cracker style snack). We went straight for the Freshly Made Italian Cheese section and chose the Burrata with Artichokes, which was super creamy. I wanted more, but we’d ordered a lot of food, so I patiently waited for the rest of my meal. The Fiordilatte Mozzarella with Natoora Tomatoes and Basil was also tempting, as was the Ricotta with Sicilian Caponata (Aubergines with Celery, Tomatoes, Olives and Capers). If you’re feeling starving, you may prefer a Sharing Board filled with Cured Meats, Cheeses or Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables. It’s a great option if you are dining with a group of friends.

la terrazza restaurant eataly italian cheese

Burrata with Artichokes

The Roman-style pizza has a crispy crust. We shared the regular size, which is large enough for two, but opt for the Alla Grande if you want more! The toppings include a vegan Marinara (Tomatoes, Oregano and Garlic without Cheese) or Margherita, Ortolana (Grilled Veggies) and Parmigiana (Aubergines) for the vegetarians. Meat eaters may want the Crostino (Ham), Parma (Parma Ham), Puttanesca (Anchovies and Capers) or Nduja (Nduja Sausage).

la terrazza restaurant eataly pizza

Ortolana Pizza

We also shared Trofie Pasta with Pesto, Parmesan, Green Beans and Potatoes, which was simple yet delicious. We quite fancied the Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli with Butter and Parmesan Shavings. We’d eaten that somewhere else recently, so we decided the Trofie would be best for variety. Other options include Tonnarello with Pecorino Romano and Cracked Black Pepper. Meat eaters will enjoy the Tagliatelle with Traditional Bolognese Ragu, and the Squid Ink Chitarra with Shellfish sounded interesting if you prefer something from the sea.

la terrazza restaurant eataly pesto pasta

Trofie Pasta with Pesto

I thoroughly enjoyed the Capretta Salad with Mixed Leaves, Goat’s Cheese, Carrot and Fennel Shavings Topped with Walnuts and Honey. It had a slightly sweet taste, thanks to the honey. I was somewhat sad when we’d finished it, and I’d order it again and again. Regina is similar to Capretta but with Chicken Breast. The other options are Leggera, with Beetroot, Radish and Sesame Seeds or Smeraldo with Prawns, Avocado, Boiled Egg and Yoghurt Dressing.

la terrazza restaurant eataly salad

Capretta Salad

Make sure you leave room for dessert. I loved the Tiramisu; it was rich and decadent. The Ladyfinger Sponge, Italian Mascarpone with Coffee, was superb. I would have had it to myself, but we’d eaten quite a lot, so I wanted to show some restraint. Next time I’ll try the Cannolo with Fried Sweet Pastry Shell with Homemade Ricotta and Chocolate Chip. Don’t forget to order an Aperol Spritz or Cocktail.

la terrazza restaurant eataly dessert


To give you an idea of prices, the Nibbles are £4, Italian Cheese is £8-10, Sharing Boards are £15-38, standard size Pizzas are £7.5-13, regular size Pasta is £10.5-12.5, Salads are £10-15 and Desserts are £6-8. I thought the prices were reasonable considering the quality. The food arrived quickly, which was good because we were starving!

La Terrazza Italian Restaurant Eataly London Information

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Restaurant Terrace

To find out more, visit the Eataly Website. If you’re not familiar with Eataly, it’s a massive Italian grocery store selling fresh fruit and veg, pasta, bread, cheese, meat and more. They make many of the food items fresh in-store, such as mozzarella and focaccia bread. La Terrazza Restaurant and Bar is outside on the terrace.

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Eataly Bishopsgate London

Inside there is Pasta e Pizza serving wood-fired pizza and traditional pasta. Terra is coming soon with a focus on food from an Italian wood-burning grill. Cucina del Mercato is the counter to table concept where you can choose food from the market counters. The Central Bar is open all day, serving drinks. Please read my Eataly Review for more information. The address is 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD. It is next to the front of Liverpool Street Station.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. I only write about restaurants where I had a good experience. I recommend that you undertake further research as restaurant standards fluctuate, as do opinions. Please check if the restaurant is still in business and the opening times before you go. If you discover that this restaurant has closed, contact me to remove it from my blog.