laboratory glassware breaking design trend

Laboratory glassware breaking design trend

Homegirl London spots the laboratory glassware breaking design trend.  Ever since Walter White from Breaking Bad made chemistry interesting, we’ve been fascinated by beakers, Petri dishes, test tubes, and periodic flasks.  You’ll find these being put to good use; test tube flower holders, measuring cups and measuring jugs for kitchen utensils and conical flasks as glass decanters.  Scientific glass is also being etched with witty words to become decorative glass for modern-day curiosity cabinets.  Here are my laboratory glassware discoveries.

laboratory glassware hanging test tube vase

Hanging Test Tube Flower Holders from Rowen & Wren at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Laboratory Glassware Plant and Flower Holders

I wrote about the terrarium trend a couple of weeks ago.  This Petri Terrarium is in the style of a specimen jar.  It’s actually an enclosed vessel that is ideal for growing succulents and small plants.  The lid isn’t totally airtight so it’s perfect for those plants needing heat from the glass and moisture but still require a little air.  This is from Eastern Biological priced at £17.

laboratory glassware petri terrarium

Petri Terrarium from Eastern Biological

Test tube flower holders have been around for a while but there are now many more options; wall-mounted, hanging and standing.  The Hudson Wall Tube Vase comes in two sizes for different stem lengths.  They have a small bevelled edge hole located at the back to allow hanging on a wall with a screw or nail.  The bottom is also flat so you have the option of placing them on a table or window sill if that suits you better.  The medium size is priced at £19.50 and the large is £24.50 from Eastern Biological.

laboratory glassware wall test tube vase

Wall Test Tube Flower Holder from Eastern Biological

If you prefer just a standing vase, this 250ml rounded chemistry glass tube gives you the character of chemistry utensils.  Just pop a flower in and place it somewhere nearby to cheer you up.  This is priced at £28 from Men’s Society and

laboratory glassware standing glass test tube vase

Standing Test Tube Flower Vase from Men’s Society at (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Hanging Bloom Tubes (first picture shown in this feature) makes a nice little gift idea for a friend.  You can hang them on the wall from a hook with the natural twine.  These are available in small for £4 and large for £6 from Rowen and Wren at

Laboratory Glassware Kitchen Utensils

This Chemistry Lab Style Storage Jar is a nice addition to the kitchen.  It’s ideal for storing anything from pasta to rice and couscous or perhaps you might want to use it as a sweet jar.  The 150ml cylinder comes with a cork stopper to keep the contents fresh and free from dust.  It’s priced at £29.99 from Knead Home at

laboratory glassware chemistry lab style storage jar kitchen

Chemistry Lab Style Storage Jar from Knead Home at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Eastern Biological is an online store selling a collection of unique gifts.  They have a good selection of lab-style glass which is ideal for the kitchen and made by Serex.  This includes three glass measuring utensils that can be used in the kitchen.  The measuring conical (flask) can also be used as a milk jug or decanter.  There are two sizes available; the 250ml is priced £7 and the 1000ml is £16.  In a similar style are these measuring cups (shown below) which are also suitable to be used as a jug if you so wish.  There are three sizes; 100ml is £4, 250ml is £5 and 1000ml is £13.  To complete the set, you can also buy the measuring test tubes which can be used as flower holders.  These also come in three sizes so would look great grouped together; 100ml is £11, 250 is £17 and 1000ml is £36.

laboratory glassware measuring cup

Measuring Cups from Eastern Biological

Laboratory Glassware Glass Decanters

Andy Poplar, the owner of Vinegar & Brown paper, makes glass objects using a sandblasting technique.  His glass decanter periodic flasks are ideal spirit or wine holders.  These come in various designs, for example, etched with the words GnT or Malt.  These make fabulous gifts for a friend who likes a tipple of Gin or is a fan of Malt whiskey.  Andy can also make you a smaller version or a beaker as a drinking vessel to match.  Prices are upon application.

laboratory glassware malt decanter

Malt Glass Decanter from Vinegar and Brown Paper

Laboratory Glassware Decorative Objects

I wanted to finish up with a few more objects from Andy Poplar.  He previously worked in advertising and has put his wonderfully witty wordsmith skills to good use.  Andy’s laboratory decorative glass selection is super stylish and makes for a very thoughtful gift.

laboratory glassware etched test tube

Lab Phial from Vinegar and Brown Paper

He matches up iconic glassware with relevant words.  You’ll find lab vials etched with words like “The antidote to boredom.”  The test tubes say “A drop of good luck” while distillation flasks declare “There is chemistry between us.”

laboratory glassware etched distillation flask

Distillation Flask from Vinegar and Brown Paper

You really must check out his products because they are clever and unique.  The pieces start from around £12.50 and go up to £300.

Where to Buy Laboratory Glassware

If you fancy setting up your own laboratory at home, for cooking purposes that is, you can buy the products from these websites.  Happy experimenting!

Rowen and Wren, Men’s Society and Knead Home at Affiliate Link:
Eastern Biological Link: Eastern Biological
Vinegar and Brown Paper Link: Vinegar & Brown Paper

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Rowen and Wren, Eastern Biological, Men’s Society, Knead Home and Vinegar & Brown Paper.  Thanks: Andy Poplar and Eastern Biological for sending photographs.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner link – (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).