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Laid Back Luxe Natural Bedroom Ideas

Rooms Edit: Natural Bedroom Ideas. Create a tranquil space where you can relax, unwind and catch up on sleep. My Natural Bedroom Ideas include a collection of rattan bedroom furniture, a mango wood bed, a Berber rug, a macramé wall hanging and bohemian cushions.

Laid Back Luxe Natural Bedroom Ideas Edit

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Laid Back Luxe Natural Bedroom Ideas Edit

Harmony Mango Wood and Linen Bed: The featured image shows a beautiful bed constructed from bleached mango wood with sculpted feet and natural linen studded head and footboard, £704 from Maisons du Monde (product code: 166621).

Marte Bedroom Furniture: Natural colour furniture with rattan detailing – Bed Frame £625 (product code: 0520619150040), Bedside Table £149 (product code: 0520619150038), Storage Cabinet £849 (product code: 0520619150037) and Six Drawer Dresser £899 (product code: 0520619150032) from Urban Outfitters (UK).

Macramé Wall Hanging: Pretty bohemian wall hanging created with macramé attached to a natural wooden hanging, £30 from Fringe & Fray at (product code: 818501).

Fela Tasseled Chandelier: Cream colour pendant shade with three tiers and tassel detailing, £228 from Anthropologie (UK) (product code: 4522461210003).

Wicker Baskets: Set of two sturdy baskets with carrying handles constructed from wicker with white chevron style pattern showing through, £66 from Maisons du Monde (product code: 179093).

Printed Ecru Cotton Cushion: Black, fawn and cream colour cushion with woven pattern detailing for a bohemian vibe, £29 from Maisons du Monde (product code: 185133).

Cotton and Jute Cushion: Macramé weave cushion with fringed edges, which is perfect for covering a colour cushion to add a layer of interest, £12 from Maisons du Monde (product code:177797).

Bandug Wicker Trunk: Useful storage trunk with lid and side handles made from woven wicker for a natural charm, £99 from Maisons du Monde (product code: 146677).

Luxe Berber Rug: Brown and beige rug with distressed Berber geometric pattern detailing and a shaggy soft texture, £349 from John Lewis & Partners (product code: 64660202).

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