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London Design Festival Flatpack Furniture Trend

Furniture Trend: Flatpack Furniture. I was in Amsterdam on holiday when the London Design Festival started. As I was behind on work, I decided to visit three of the major interior trade shows in one day, which was exhausting yet exhilarating at the same time! During my trade show marathon, I noticed that Flatpack Furniture was a furniture trend which is useful for many people renting apartments in London and other cities. This is a roundup of some of the Flatpack Furniture Makers I spotted on my whirlwind tour of 100% Design, designjunction, and the London Design Fair.

london design festival flatpack furniture trend , snug shack armchair

Snug Sofa: Armchair in a Box

Flatpack Furniture Trend

Grain: At 100% Design, I was very impressed by the sustainable flatpack furniture collection from Grain. Tom and Robin make dining tables, desks, coffee tables, seating and home accessories. These are all customisable with product colour and finish options to your size specifications. The designs are built to last and flat packed. You can take the items apart and put them back together very quickly without loss of function. Everything is made to order to keep costs down. The wood used to create the furniture is FSC certified and can be recycled.

london design festival flatpack furniture trend, grain

Grain: Flatpack Furniture

Nomad London: At designjunction, I noticed Nomad London, a furniture collection designed by architect Henning Stummel. The sofa, armchair, coffee table and stools can be put together in two minutes with no glue, no screws and no tools. That’s something which would certainly save on arguments in my household! The sofa and armchair are made from birch ply, which can be laminated in different colours and upholstered in leather or velvet. The seat covers are removable for cleaning, which is thoughtful. The coffee table and stools are also made from plywood.

london design festival flatpack furniture trend, nomad london

Nomad London: Flatpack Furniture

PlayWood: At the London Design Fair, the Italian brand PlayWood had a fun offering to make DIY furniture easy. It’s a creative, inventive and open-source initiative. You get plastic connectors which allow you to join panels of 16-19mm together without having to drill holes, and you secure them with an Allen Key. The types of items you can create include planters, storage units, workbench, TV stands and anything else you can think of. The plastic connectors come in various colours, which look pretty cool. You can re-use the connectors should you wish to make something new. If you are moving home, you can quickly disassemble and put the items back together again.

london design festival flatpack furniture trend, playwood

PlayWood: Create Your Own Furniture

Snug Sofa: I saw a lovely sofa in a box at the 100% Design show. This is ideal for anyone with a small doorway, narrow entrance hall or if you want to move home using a car. This sofa is good quality, stain-resistant and arrives within three days of ordering which is great news for those of you who have had to wait an eternity in the past. Even better, it can be assembled within three minutes with no tools, and you can do it by yourself! You can order the three-seater sofa called Rebel, which is a stylish shape. Choose your fabric colour – dark-grey, mid-grey, teal, blush coral or navy blue, which you can pair with black or brown legs. Other products include modular sofas, a snuggler which is a comfy chair for 1.5 people and a footstool.

london design festival flatpack furniture trend, snug shack sofa

Snug Sofa: Sofa in a Box

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