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If you’re interested in a Pinterest Promotion for a business, brand, shop or service, Homegirl London can help. The Homegirl London Pinterest account has over 276,449 followers and counting. The boards cover homes, interiors, lifestyle, beauty, fashion and gifts. London focused content includes restaurants, architecture, street art, walks, shops, attractions and neighbourhoods. See below for information about the Pinterest Promotion Services available. Click here for a full list of Consultancy Services.

Pinterest Promotion:
Mood Board Jpeg

  • Creation of a Mood Board Jpeg
  • Pin the Mood Board Jpeg to Homegirl London Mood Boards
  • The client can add the Mood Board Jpeg to their Pinterest
  • Client is permitted to use the Mood Board Jpeg on their website
  • Price per Mood Board Jpeg creation and account pin: £50
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Pinterest Promotion:
Joint Pinterest Boards

  • Create joint Pinterest Board
  • Pin favourite pictures from your website to board
  • Mingle with additional non-competitive images
  • Board and image SEO descriptions
  • Board sits on Homegirl London’s Pinterest account for 3 months
  • After 3 months board becomes owned by Homegirl London
  • Pinterest Board, descriptions, 50 Pins, 3 months: £80
  • Continue sponsorship: £10 for 20 pins per month

Payment in advance via PayPal.

Pinterest Promotion: Pinterest Image Pins

  • Pin images from your website to Homegirl London boards
  • Each image is captioned with an SEO description
  • Pins and captions: £10 for 20 pins (minimum of 20 pins)

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