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Love Spitalfields Antique Market London E1

Market Snoop: Spitalfields Antique Market. I love this particular market because the stalls look amazing with outstanding displays. It’s also under cover of the Victorian market hall roof, they have toilets on-site and fantastic food stands dotted around. If you want to buy something old and beautiful, head down to Old Spitalfields Market, where you will find the Spitalfields Antique Market hosted on Thursdays.

love spitalfields antique market london e1, stall

Well Presented Stall

Spitalfields Antique Market Stock

As this is a market, you’ll never know what you might find, which keeps things interesting. I bought myself a metal heart with wings a few weeks ago, and it’s now hanging on my kitchen wall. I didn’t intend to buy anything that day, I saw it and just had to have it. Getting it home on the bus was a challenge, but it was well worth all those people I annoyed in the process!

love spitalfields antique market london e1, metal heart with wings

Metal Heart With Wings

I’ll list a few items I spotted on my last visit to the market, which will give you an idea of what to expect. Brown glass and transparent apothecary-style bottles were plentiful. Some looked original, while others are reproductions. A few were labelled with pharmaceutical-sounding names, and I have no clue what they meant. These apothecary bottles are great for adding decorative interest to your bathroom.

love spitalfields antique market london e1, apothecary bottles

Apothecary Bottles

Vintage cameras, from Polaroids to folding varieties, can be found. These are of interest to photography enthusiasts and anyone wanting a beautiful object to exhibit on a shelf in their study.

love spitalfields antique market london e1, vintage cameras

Vintage Cameras

Industrial lovers will go crazy for the enamel factory lights. Or the lovely vintage lamps will be in working order and ready for you to take home and plug in. There were a few factory wall clocks with bold black surrounds, which I found tempting. I’ve put one on my list for the next visit.

love spitalfields antique market london e1, factory clocks

Factory Wall Clocks

Fifties kitchenware was in abundance. Expect to find enamel storage jars for coffee, tea and flour. The bright red coffee pots were cute. Pick up a cake tin or decorated dinner set, and you’ll be the host with the most!

love spitalfields antique market london e1, red enamel kitchen items

Red Enamel Kitchenware

On the more decorative side, you can buy yourself a few vintage-style metal letters in bright colours to spell out your initials or a word of your choice.

ove spitalfields antique market london e1, vintage metal letters

Metal Letters

If a ceramic fox or adorable dog is your thing, the collection of kitsch ornaments won’t disappoint. These dog ornaments are on Benjamin’s stall; you can find him on Instagram @kingsandrunners. I know this because I bought an amazing Bat Girl or Cat Girl head from him a few weeks back when he was at Bermondsey Antique Market. He also sells a lot of film props, so if you spot a pink flamingo, that is likely to be him!

love spitalfields antique market london e1, kitsch ornaments

Kitsch Ornaments

Other items included a few furniture pieces, old suitcases, rustic pottery, colourful glassware, mid-century modern ceramics, vintage educational posters, black and white postcards, second-hand jewellery and some retro clothing, plus a few hats.

Spitalfields Antique Market Information

love spitalfields antique market london e1, stalls

Market Stalls

The location of this market is at Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW. The nearest station is Liverpool Street. Opening times are Thursday from 8 am until 5 pm. Expect to see about 150 traders there. The stalls are undercover, which means you can also visit in the winter months or when it is raining (yes, there is likely to be rain, this is London). There are toilets on site. You will find a large number of street food vendors in the market. To find out more, visit the Old Spitalfields Market Website.

Spitalfields Antique Market Organisers

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Old Spitalfields Market Building

Sherman and Waterman host the Spitalfields Antique Market. The Covent Garden Antique Market is their other one which is on Mondays. Enjoy your rummage, and I hope you find something amazing!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Featured Image Was Taken From Objects on the Kings and Runners Stall.