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El Pastor Mexican Taqueria Stoney Street SE1

Restaurant Review: El Pastor. If you’re looking for the best tacos in London, Mexican restaurants near London Bridge of places to eat near Borough Market, get yourself to El Pastor now!

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“If you’re in the mood for tasty tacos, you’ll love this Taqueria located close to Borough Market. With fresh tortillas, a selection of salsas and plenty of Mezcal, you’re in for a treat,” Homegirl London

El Pastor Mexican Menu

You can start with the Sopes which are freshly made masa (corn) cakes topped with refried beans, queso fresco (cheese), lettuce and avocado slices. We tried these, and they were mini bite-sized pieces which were very cute and tasty! Other appetisers were Sesame Tuna Tostada, Chicken Tinga and Watermelon Gazpacho.

el pastor mexican taqueria stoney street se1, sopes


On to the important part of the menu, the tacos! These are beautiful little blue and white Mexican native corn tortillas which are made daily in house. You can certainly taste the difference, and these tacos are as good as they get. We sampled the Mushroom Tacos – crisped queso Oaxaca, caramelised onion, pumpkin seeds and coriander which were delicious.

el pastor mexican taqueria stoney street se1, mushroom taco

Mushroom Tacos

The Chayote Tacos with sweetcorn, refried beans and queso fresco are also delicious. Chayote is a green pear-shaped tropical fruit which tastes a bit like cucumber. Other tacos featured chargrilled stone bass, prawns, chicken and chorizo. These are small tacos in size, and you get two per serving.

el pastor mexican taqueria stoney street se1, chayote tacos

Chayote Tacos

We ordered the standard Quesadilla with Oaxaca cheese and the Roast Butternut Squash Quesadilla. I enjoyed these but thought the tacos were much better in terms of taste and presentation. Pork with cheese and ham with cheese options were also on the menu if you want meat.

el pastor mexican taqueria stoney street se1, stone bass tacos

Fish Tacos

If you’re dining with friends, try one of the sharing plates like the Short Rib served with fresh tortillas. Other things you might want to check out are the house-made salsas. We selected La Maya with pineapple and habanero, which was terrific. There is also a super spicy option using a mix of the hottest chillies on the planet which I’m never going to try, I’m a lightweight and want to keep my cool while I’m in public! Sides ranged from charred spring onions to corn on the cob and roast bone marrow.

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To give you an idea about prices, Salsa is £1.50, Tacos £5-8 (2 per serving), Quesadillas £5.25-6, Sides £3.50-5.50 and Sharing Plates £7.50-14.50. We couldn’t find room in our full tummies for dessert, which was a pity. The selection includes a Bounty Bar and Cinnamon Chilli Choc Pot. Puddings are priced at £3.50-5.50. Drinks include Margarita, Siren Santo Mexican Craft Beer and a long list of Mezcal which is served with orange slices and worm salt! The Mezcal is very high in alcohol levels, so be warned and take it slow!

El Pastor Stoney Street Interiors

el pastor mexican taqueria stoney street se1 interiors

Restaurant Interior

The restaurant is situated within a railway arch opposite Borough Market, so the inside has an amazing arched ceiling. The interiors are industrial with original brick walls and strings of bare light bulbs. You’ll notice a couple of butler sinks in the restaurant which is very thoughtful for anyone who needs to wash their hands before the tacos arrive. The open kitchen is located towards the back. The chairs and tables are quite close together because space is narrow inside. You won’t mind a bit about this proximity when the food arrives because it’s fabulous!

El Pastor Stoney Street Information

el pastor mexican taqueria stoney street se1, exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant, go to the El Pastor Website. The address is 7A Stoney Street, London SE1 9AA. The nearest stations are London Bridge and Borough. It’s located right outside Borough Market. Please note that you cannot book a table, it is walk-ins only. It gets quite crowded inside and buzzy so not ideal if you want a quiet night, but it’s great if you want a lively place. There is also a small El Pastor located at 58 Stanworth Street, London SE1 3NY which is worth a visit if you are at Maltby Street Market at the weekend. A new restaurant at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross is mentioned on the website. Enjoy your tacos.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl and interior image from the restaurant website. Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me.