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Lovely Large Quad Sheepskin Rugs

Finds Edit: Quad Sheepskin Rugs. I love sheepskin rugs, but they are often small in size. I have two Quad Sheepskin Rugs at home, and they are perfect because they cover a larger area. These are mostly four sheepskin rugs sewn together. Sheepskin is soft and snug with a fabulous underfoot feel. You can place these rugs on the floor, draped over the back of your sofa, as a comfort layer on your armchair or a soft cover for your headboard. I’ve selected my favourite large sheepskin rugs for you to view.

Quad Sheepskin Rugs Edit

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Quad Sheepskin Rugs Edit

Australian Sheepskin Rug: The featured image shows a natural grey-tinged sheepskin rug which is super soft and luxurious, £141.53 from Next Gens Fashion at Etsy UK.

Ivory Sheepskin Rug: The lead image on the mood board and first product picture on the mood board shows a sumptuous sheepskin in a natural neutral ivory shade, £345 from Cox & Cox (product code: 1821897).

Helgar Dusky Pink Sheepskin Rug: Large luxurious sheepskin available in five colour options, including dusky pink, grey, ivory, midnight blue and dark teal, £199 from UK (product code: RUGHEL003PNK-UK0.

Duck Egg Blue Sheepskin Rug: Delightful pastel light blue shade soft sheepskin quad rug, which is perfect for a child’s bedroom, £245.99 from Longweave at Wayfair (product code: LOWV1337).

Grey Sheepskin Rug: Dark grey silky soft quad rug, ideal for an underfoot treat for your feet when placed on the bedroom floor, £300 from Habitat at Argos.

Rosario Mink Sheepskin Rug: Beautiful mink colour quad rug, which is perfect for draping over your favourite armchair, £229.99 from Longweave at Wayfair (product code: LOWV1339).

Berry Sheepskin Rug: Fabulous vibrant berry colour, which is just the thing for brightening up your living room, £244 ( this is the current sale price) from Amara (product code: SHEEPSKINBERRYQ).

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