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Lovely Lucky Cat Gift Ideas

Finds Edit: Lucky Cat Gift Ideas. Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) is a lucky Japanese charm that is believed to bring good luck to the owner. Today, these designs come in many colours, and the image decorates everything from cushions to key rings. See my Lucky Cat Gift Ideas if you want to give your friend a thoughtful gift.

Lucky Cat Gift Ideas Edit

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Lucky Cat Gift Ideas Edit

Lucky Cat Cosmetics Bag: Cute gift for anyone who loves wearing make-up and wants a little bag they can carry around with them, £11 from Olganna at Etsy UK.

Lucky Cat Canvas: Vintage style advert on wrapped canvas in red and orange tones, £33.99 from East Urban Home at Wayfair, (product code: U000832434).

Lucky Cat Art Print: Adorable simple waving cat on green background printed on 170gsm A3 size paper, £9.99 from UK.

Lucky Cat Book and Charm: Find out about the history of the good fortune feline with a gift box containing a book and ornament, £5.99 from Urban Outfitters (UK) (product code: 0620658190010O.

Lucky Cat Pendant Necklace: Silver charm with beautiful detailing presented on a simple chain, £95 from CarterGore at Wolf and Badger.

Lucky Cat Keyring: Colourful cat design key ring, which is perfect for anyone who needs luck to help them find their keys at the end of a night out, £4 from Paperchase (product code: 00598979).

Lucky Cat Patch: Embroidered felt patch which you can sew onto your jeans pocket to brighten up dark denim, £6-8 from Pink Bird Originals at Etsy UK.

Lucky Cats Cushion: Soft faux suede square cushion with green background and rows of cats waving their paw, £25.99 from Wayfair (product code: U000070790).

Lucky Cat Gatete: Pink plastic fortune cat, which is also available in many other colours, each has a special meaning, £16.74 from Diminuto Cielo at Etsy UK.

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