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Luxe 39 Colourful Bespoke Luxury Velvet Cushions

My current crush is the bespoke luxury velvet cushions by Luxe 39. Wow, the colour choice is fabulous, and the cotton velvet fabric is super soft and tactile. With over 1000 cushion options, Luxe 39 is undoubtedly the place to buy bespoke luxury velvet cushions online. Whether you want to spruce up your sofa, beautify your bed or make your favourite armchair comfier, you’ll love the Luxe 39 cushion collection. Join me as I tell you more about these perfect, plump premium velvet cushions.

Choose Your Favourite Luxury Bespoke Cushions

Luxe 39 is a small independent company owned by Helen Gilbert, who told me about her passion for velvet cushions. “I love cotton velvet fabric because it’s timeless and elegant with a soft, luxurious feel. It has a beautiful drape and a gorgeous shiny appearance with the pile of fabric bouncing light, which makes the colours glow. ‘Lux’ is a measurement of luminance, so I named the company Luxe 39 about both the luxury and the shine of velvet. It’s a tricky fabric to sew, but once you master it, the stunning results make it a lovely fabric to work with.”

luxe 39 colourful bespoke luxury velvet cushions layered on a bed

It may take you a little time to decide which velvet cushion colour and size you want because there are so many combinations. As I mentioned, Luxe 39 offer 1000 cushion choices, and the number is continually growing with the introduction of new colours.

luxe 39 colourful bespoke luxury velvet cushions layered on a bed in different sizes

The cushions and cushion covers are all double-sided velvet in a choice of single or double colours with over 100 colourways. The selection includes bright shades, jewel tones, pretty pastels and relaxed neutrals. I love the Blush Pink, Burnt Orange, Duck Egg, Emerald Green and Teal. They recently launched a collection of Purple velvet cushions, with a Gold collection and Sage Green collection coming in the next couple of months.

luxe 39 colourful bespoke luxury velvet cushions piled on a teal chesterfield armchair

If you are opting for the two-colour velvet cushions, you can have fun with your colour combinations. Bright Pink with Burnt Orange, Duck Egg with Dark Grey and Purple with Turquoise are just a few ideas.

luxe 39 colourful bespoke luxury velvet cushions on a grey chesterfield sofa

If you need to match colours with your sofa or curtains, you might want to order the velvet samples, which may help you decide. The zips can either match the colours, or you can choose a different option.

The cushion pads are overstuffed with the UK made cotton and duck feathers. If you prefer a vegan option, contact Luxe 39, and they are happy to provide an alternative. Cushion covers are available without the pads should you already have those.

luxe 39 colourful bespoke luxury velvet cushions arranged on cream sofa

The nine cushion sizes include square cushions (30cm, 35cm, 45cm, 50cm and 60cm) and rectangle cushions (25cm x 45cm, 30cm x 50cm and 40cm x 60cm). It means that you can have a cute small cushion, medium sizes or large. Custom cushion sizes are also available.

luxe 39 colourful bespoke luxury velvet cushions in row on chesterfield armchair

Why buy luxury bespoke cushions from Luxe 39? First of all, the cotton velvet cushions are luxurious and well made. The colour choice and size options provide variety. I think the price points offer value for money, especially for the quality. Luxe 39 is a small privately-owned company, and it feels good to support independent businesses. Helen strives to ensure that all her materials and packaging are from the UK, which cuts down on air miles. The cushions are made to order to minimise waste and reduce the carbon footprint. There are plenty of reasons to buy these cushions, so what are you waiting for?

So that you know, Luxe 39 also make velvet draft excluders. If you have a chilly draft coming from under your doors, you’ll need one of those! The draft excluders are available in colour combinations, so they are fabulous as well as functional!

See Which Luxury Bespoke Cushions I Selected

By sheer coincidence, Luxe 39 got in touch with me as I thought about buying some new cushions. I have an ink blue velvet sofa which is three years old. It has faded a bit due to the sun streaming through the large windows in my living room. I have a few cushions, but some were starting to fall apart, so was wanted to replace them. I was particularly interested in a large cushion for the chaise part of my sofa. I like to prop myself up to watch TV and use a pillow which doesn’t look great.

luxe 39 velvet cushions on sofa homegirl london apartment

I choose two 40 x 60cm cushions, one is navy with silver, and the other is dark grey with turquoise. I also selected a 25 x 45cm in royal blue with silver for my armchair.

luxe 39 velvet cushions on armchair

The colours reflect my living room palette, blue (navy, mid blue, royal blue), black and grey with pops of red. I decided against red cushions because then I wouldn’t be able to use them in the guest bedroom if I fancied changing things around.

luxe 39 velvet cushions homegirl london guest bedroom

I can tell you from experience that the Luxe 39 cushions are lovely and absolutely luxurious. The fabric feels so soft and tactile. My sofa is now complete and looks fresher and less tired, thanks to these beautiful cotton velvet cushions.

Take a look at the Luxe 39 website to see the cotton velvet cushion collection. Enjoy!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Luxe 39 and Homegirl London. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post/advertising.