luxurious super soft sheepskin rugs

Luxurious Super Soft Sheepskin Rugs

Homegirl London finds luxurious super-soft sheepskin rugs. If you want to feel cosy at home this winter treat yourself to one of these snug sheepskin rugs. They are a versatile buy which you can use to warm up and soften your boudoir floor. Or you can drape them over your seat to make it comfy and adorable. I’ve picked out my favourites which include Australian sheepskins, New Zealand Sheepskins along with Icelandic Sheepskin and British made rugs. The colours range from natural to taupe, charcoal, black and a wide variety of dyed options.

taupe tibetan sheepskin rugs, amara

Taupe Tibetan Sheepskin from Oliver Bonas Ltd (Picture Affiliate Link)

Sheepskin Rugs

Rug: 100% Australian Mink Sheepskin
Colours: Silver, Silver Tipped and White
Size: 100cm x 67cm with 6cm pile
Price: £60
Retailer: Oliver Bonas Ltd
Product Code: 1009484

silver sheepskin rugs, oliver bonas

Silver Sheepskin from Oliver Bonas Ltd (Picture Affiliate Link)

Rug: Ross and Brown Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin
Colours: Natural White
Size: 100-120cm x 60cm with 10-12cm pile
Price: £145
Retailer: Trouva
Product Code: Not listed

white long pile sheepskin rugs, trouva

Natural White Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin from Trouva

Rug: Natural Colour Curly Sheepskin
Colours: Natural tones of creams and browns
Size: 80-100cm with various widths
Price: £165
Retailer: Cox and Cox
Product Code: H-CURL

natural curly sheepskin rugs, cox and cox

Natural Curly Sheepskin from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

Rug: UGG 100% Genuine New Zealand Sheepskin
Colours: Grey tones (other sizes and colours available)
Size: 60cm x 90cm with 5-7.5cm pile
Price: £110
Retailer: Amara
Product Code: UHRG002GREY

ugg sheepskin rugs, amara

Grey Sheepskin from Amara (Picture Affiliate Link)

Rug: Luxury Sheepskins
Colours: Black, Ivory, Chocolate, Vole, Charcoal and Oyster Grey and Charcoal Grey
Size: 110cm x 80cm
Price: £65
Retailer: Graham & Green
Product Code: Ivory NPN4262, Chocolate RVU7813, Black RVU7817, Vole HZW1363, Oyster Grey HIW3193 and Charcoal Grey HVT2000

sheepskin rug graham and green

Luxury Sheepskins from Graham and Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Rug: Tibetan Sheepskin
Colours: Dark Green, Light Blue, Rose, Natural White, Warm Grey, Light Grey, Cool Grey and Black
Size: 90cm x 50cm
Price: £120
Retailer: Bell and Blue at
Product Code: 568295

tibetan sheepskin rugs, bell and blue

Tibetan Sheepskin from Bell and Blue at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Rug: Hand Dyed Devon Sheepskins
Colours: Aubergine and Buff
Size: 100cm x 80cm
Price: £68
Retailer: The Forest and Co at
Product Code: 449634

hand dyed sheepskin rugs, the forest and co

Hand Dyed Devon Sheepskins from The Forest and Co at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Larger Sheepskin Rugs

Rug: Super Soft and Shaggy Icelandic Sheepskin
Colours: White or Taupe
Size: 110-120cm x 70-80cm
Price: £95-110
Retailer: Idyll Home Ltd at
Product Code: 278999

white icelandic sheepskin rugs, idyll home

White Icelandic Sheepskin from Idyll Home Ltd at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Rug: Tibetan Sheepskin
Colours: Black, Arctic Sunrise and Taupe
Size: 150cm x 50cm with 10cm pile
Price: £170
Retailer: Amara
Product Code: T10302

black tibetan sheepskin rugs, amara

Black Tibetan Sheepskin from Amara (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Sheepskin Rugs

You can buy these rugs from the following online retailers.

Oliver Bonas Ltd: Oliver Bonas Ltd
Trouva Link: Trouva
Cox and Cox Affiliate Link: Cox and Cox
Amara Affiliate Link: Amara
Graham & Green Affiliate Link: Graham & Green
Bell and Blue / The Forest and Co / Idyll Home Ltd at Affiliate Link:

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Oliver Bonas Ltd, Trouva, Cox and Cox, Amara, Graham & Green, Bell and Blue, The Forest and Co and Idyll Home Ltd. Cover Image: Oliver Bonas. Thanks: No one assisted with this feature. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Oliver Bonas Ltd, Cox and Cox, Amara, Graham & Green and (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).