luxurious, woven, grey wool rugs

Luxurious Woven Grey Wool Rugs

Homegirl London finds luxurious woven grey wool rugs. An easy way to add interest to your interior is by rolling out a patterned grey rug. Or perhaps you want to warm up your room with a thick woven plain rug instead. I’ve picked out my favourite grey wool rugs which include geometric designs along with stripes and chevron patterns. With gorgeous grey hues, these 100% wool rugs are beautiful and super-soft underfoot.

dashes habit grey wool rugs

Dashes Rug from Habitat at Argos

Pattern Grey Wool Rugs

The Dashes Rug combines grey tones against a natural colour background. With an irregular pattern, this design is adorable. It’s made from premium wool yarns which are woven by hand-knotting undertaken by skilled rug makers. The result is a luxurious pile made from 100% wool which is super soft and very durable. The measurements are 240cm x 170cm. The current price is £800. Buy from Habitat at Argos.

habitat dashes grey wool rugs

Dashes Rug from Habitat at Argos

For an ombre effect choose the Plantation Rug Company Greyscale Rug. The design is striking thanks to the horizontal bands of grey hues. There are three grey colour choices available. This 100% wool and bamboo silk rug is very warm and comfortable underfoot. Measurements are 170cm x 120cm and 230cm x 150cm. Current price £150 and £250. Buy from Houseology. Product code: PT0106.

houseology greyscale ombre grey wool rugs

Greyscale Rug from Houseology

This Linie Design Meta Rug combines a subtle palette of ivory against a light grey background. Intricate hand weaving has created a graphic motif of repeating diamonds with horizontal and vertical lines running through. This has resulted in a striking pattern with a Scandinavian feel. Made from soft new wool, it is soft underfoot. The measurements are 240cm x 170cm. Current price is £612. Buy from Heal’s. Product code: 451368.

heals meta grey wool rugs

Meta Rug from Heal’s

Another Linie Design rug is the Millennium. This is handwoven by master craftspeople in India using 100% wool. It features chunky grey stripes in a choice of dark or light grey palette. It is available in three sizes 200cm x 140cm, 230cm x 160cm and 300cm x 200cm. Current prices are £180, £235 and £381. Buy from Cloudberry Living. Product code: LIMID-C.

cloudberry living millennium grey wool rugs

Millennium Rug from Cloudberry Living

Roll out the Chevron Rug to create an instant impact in your living room or bedroom. The striking grey pattern is set against an off-white background and edged with black for a bold statement. The 100% wool is soft to touch and luxurious underfoot. It comes in three sizes starting with 140cm x 80cm, 170cm x 120cm and 230cm x 160cm. Current prices are £59, £129 and £199. Buy from Marks and Spencer UK. Product code: T475339.

marks and spencer chevron grey wool rugs

Chevron Rug from Marks and Spencer UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Plain Grey Wool Rugs

If you’d rather invest in a plain rug perhaps the Restoration Loop Rug is for you. This earthy grey wool has been handwoven in a chunky weave for a rustic look. It has a relaxed design which is perfect for a minimal home or farmhouse chic interior. It measures 180cm x 120cm and there is also a larger version available. The current price is £299. Buy from John Lewis & Partners. Product code: 64651664.

john lewis restoration grey wool rugs

Restoration Loop Rug from John Lewis & Partners (Picture Affiliate Link)

My final pick is the Santa Ana Grey Chunky Knitted Wool Rug. The luxury thick felted wool yarn has been stitched in a chunky style for a wonderful braided appearance. It would suit a contemporary interior and a rustic room. The measurements are 140cm x 70cm, 170cm x 120cm and 300cm x 200cm. Current prices are £139.95, £279.95 and £805.95. Buy from Kukoon. Product code: Helix Felted wool Braid Grey_AS.

the rug house chunky knit grey wool rugs

Chunky Knitted Rug from Kukoon (Picture Affiliate Link)

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All the rugs are available to buy online from the following retailers.

Argos Link: Argos
Houseology Link: Houseology
Heal’s Link: Heal’s
Cloudberry Living Link: Cloudberry Living Link
Marks and Spencer UK Affiliate Link: Marks and Spencer UK
John Lewis & Partners Affiliate Link: John Lewis & Partners
Kukoon Affiliate Link: Kukoon

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