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Making The Decision To Sell Your House

Making the decision to sell your house can be very difficult and stressful. Before you embark on this epic journey you need to be confident that you’re doing the right thing. I sold my property earlier this year, and I know just how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. Making the decision to sell your house requires careful consideration and a steely determination. Read on if you want some advice about this subject.

making the decision to sell your house pros and cons list

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Making The Decision To Sell Your House Factors

Deciding to sell your home can be prompted by many factors, which include:

• Relocating due to work commitments
• Moving to be in a school catchment
• Living nearer to sick relatives
• Moving in with your partner
• Falling in love with a different location
• Wanting a different property living experience
• Downsising to a smaller property
• Upsising to a more significant property
• Cashing in on a rising property market
• Feeling unsafe where you live
• Disputes with your neighbours

Making The Decision To Sell Your House Pros and Cons List

Whatever the reason for your move, it’s a costly and time-consuming journey, so think about it carefully before you take the plunge. It’s sensible to draw up a list of pros and cons detailing all the reasons why you want to move or need to move. If you have a partner, ask them to make a separate list which you can exchange to compare notes. It’s easier if you’re both on board with the move so try to find some common ground.

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Before the For Sale sign goes up, you might want to consider changing your circumstances instead. For instance, if you’re thinking about upsising to a larger property, you could add an extension. The costs associated with buying and selling property in the UK are enormous. Do your sums first, and it may be cheaper to extend your current house. These options could include an extension into the garden or to the side of your property. You can also dig out the basement or go up into the loft.

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If you need to assist a sick relative, you could rent your property out rather than selling it. Then you have the flexibility of being able to rent a flat near to your loved one while they need your assistance. If you want to move because of a disagreement with your neighbour, you can try speaking to them about any issues and come to some understanding. Perhaps you’ve seen a spike in crime in your area and feel unsafe in which case you should consult the local police and council to ascertain their plans to tackle the issue. If you think the problem is being addressed, you may want to hold tight until the problems are resolved.

Wholeheartedly Making The Decision To Sell Your House

If you decide that selling your home is the right decision, then you should proceed sincerely. I say this because if you start dithering, you won’t make it through. No one ever said that moving home is easy! First, you have to declutter and stage your home ready for the photographs. Then you’ll have to find a suitable estate agent and agree on the marketing price. Having people view your property means you’ll have to keep your space presentable at all times. It can be a lengthy process, and there are likely to be many ups and downs along the way.

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My mum said, “you only need one buyer,” which is true but sometimes they take a while to materialise! It took me about six months from deciding to move to complete on my property. Aside from a couple of hiccups (the buyer’s first mortgage offer falling through and the basement of my flat not present on any of the paperwork!), my sale was quite straight forward. If you’re not up to the challenge, then reconsider and adjust your mindset or improve your current circumstances. If you’re going to move, I wish you luck!

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