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Melamine Placements Decorate Dining Tables

Homegirl London finds Melamine placemats which are perfect for cheering up your dining table with a serving of pattern and colour. Table cloths are lovely but they tend to get messy quickly which means frequent washing and who wants to do that! What’s great about melamine placemats is that you just need to give them a wipe over and they are clean. The other benefit is that they protect your table from hot plates, serving dishes and food spills. These usually come in packs of four but you can also pick up some in singles and doubles. I’ve picked out five of my favourite tasty designs which can make any dull kitchen table sizzle.

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Favourite Melamine Placemats

Graphic Design: I was on the hunt for some melamine placemats when I fell in love with the new collection from Cordello Home. This was very apt as Cordello Home, owned by Kate Shaw, is a brand with the heart motif at the centre of their designs. The new Iconic Collection features a cool graphic pattern which looks a bit like a diamond. This comes in delicious shades of sky blue, slate grey and sandstone. The cool pattern features on placemats, larger table centre mat, coasters and sandwich tray. Placemats and coasters are made from melamine with matt finish on top and cork base to protect the table. Set of four tablemats cost £35, one large centre matt is £17.50, four coasters are £16.50 and the melamine sandwich tray is £19.50. Just so you know, you can use the sandwich tray for anything you want, it’s not just for sandwiches! Check out the other Cordello Home placemats which feature plenty of heart designs. Buy from Cordello Home at

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Abstract Design: Two farm girls known as Izzi Rainey are located on an actual farm in Norfolk. Their designs are inspired by farm life and are usually quite abstract. They have a few different placemats made from melamine. I picked out the Red Dandelion design which features a bold red pattern. Or you might like their Mustard Daisy, Forest Green or Highland Bull designs instead. These have been made in England and you get a set of four placemats for £35. The measurements are 22cm by 28cm. Product code: 572456 from Izzi Rainey at

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Eccentric Design: Go quirky with the Jelly and Cake Placemat Set by Thornback and Peel. With intricate illustrations of raspberry coloured old fashioned jellies and cakes, you’ll feel as though you’re at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. The melamine placemat has a cork backing to protect your dining table. You can also buy matching coasters if you want a cohesive look. The measurements are 29cm by 21cm. The placemats have been made in England which cost £21.25 for four. The product code is 535307 from Thornback and Peel at

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Quirky Design: Fish fans will enjoy these Plaice Mats, which is a great pun for placemats. How funny, anyway, these are sold individually so if you are a solo, a single person who dines alone, you don’t have to stare at the other three mats you get with the standard set of four. Other designs feature cats, dogs, chickens and foxes. You can also buy matching coasters. This melamine mat has a cork back. The size is 29.2cm by 21.6cm which costs £3.50. The product code is 449593 from Raw Xclusive at

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Cheerful Design: For a juicy and vibrant design go for the Oranges Placemats by Rosa and Clara. This pattern will certainly cheer you up at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other designs in the collection feature pineapples, flamingos and zebras. Matching coasters are also available. The hand-drawn orange melamine placemats have a cork base. Standard sizes are 24cm by 19cm and large measure 29.2cm by 21.6cm. The price is £18 for a pair so they are ideal for couples or friends sharing a house. The product code is 516970 which you can buy from Rosa and Clara at

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Benefits of Melamine Placemats

Placemats made from melamine are great because they can withstand heat from plates and serving dishes. The material is resistant to stains. The products are very hard-wearing so will last you a long time. The pattern will not fade. To keep clean all you have to do is wipe down the surface. However, most placemats made of this material cannot be put in the dishwasher because of the cork backing.

Buy Melamine Placemats

If you want to buy placemats to cheer up your dining table, the ones I mentioned in this feature are all available online.

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