If you’re looking for a super stylish modern kitchen then this new addition to Neptune’s kitchen range, called Limehouse, might be just what you’re after.  It’s effortlessly cool, taking inspiration from industrial form and function with an update for contemporary living.  Let’s take a look at this modern kitchen along and the complementary kitchen table and chairs, bar stools plus pendant lighting.

modern kitchen limehouse from neptune

Limehouse Kitchen

Modern kitchen – view the design

This kitchen is all about linear design with clean lines.  It’s very much a modern take on a traditional industrial working kitchen.  It has a pared back, almost simplified style.

modern kitchen limehouse from neptune (2)

Limehouse Kitchen

The design suits a wide range of interiors.  If you have a warehouse or loft apartment, this kitchen looks amazing set against exposed brick walls.  It would also be super stylish in a contemporary or period home.

modern kitchen limehouse from neptune (3)

Limehouse Kitchen

It’s been hand painted in the Lily colourway which is soft, neutral and unobtrusive.  This complements the ceramic Plymouth rock work surfaces.  The paint shade also contrasts exceptionally well with industrial aluminium splashes like the sink and taps.

modern kitchen lily colourway

Lily Colourway

If you want to make sure a kitchen will withstand the wear and tear of modern living then attention to detail is crucial.  The Limehouse cabinets actually come with new patent pending hinges.  These are discreet and hidden into the frame featuring an off centre pivot to ensure those doors close smoothly.  The appliance cabinets feature innovative joinery so the housing will accommodate any of your white goods.  Of course the price of this kitchen really depends on how many units you require.  To give you an idea, the starting price is £11,000.

Modern kitchen – seating ideas

They’ve even thought about the seating and you have several options.  The new upholstered Shoreditch Bar Stools are a new take on a twentieth century classic.  It has a contemporary shape and smooth flowing lines so looks visually appealing.  It’s also very comfortable thanks to an innovative design.  You can opt for this version without a back rest – £225.

modern kitchen bar stools without backs

Shoreditch Bar Stools Without Backs

For additional comfort go for the bar stool with an added back rest – £300.

modern kitchen bar stools with backs

Shoreditch Bar Stools With Backs

For kitchen table and chairs, this new Buckland Bench seat is very versatile.  It can be set against a wall, in a corner or free standing.  This comes in a fixed size but you can add more kits to extend it easily enough.  It’s been painted in a neutral Fog colour which coordinates well with the Lily colourway of the cabinets.  The short bench is £675 and £925 for a long seat bench.  You can add additional chairs with backs like these Montague Lloyd Loom Chairs – £195.  You’ll also need a table; this picture features the Harrogate which comes sized 170cm.  There is also an extendable version which goes up to 260cm – £795-995.

modern kitchen buckland bench

Buckland Bench, Montague Lloyd Loom Chairs and Harrogate Table

Modern kitchen – lighting ideas

If you’re fitting a new kitchen then it’s a good opportunity to rethink your lighting.  Recessed lights are a good option with the addition of pendant lighting over the breakfast bar or counter tops.  These work particularly well in groups of three to create a feature.  Here are two examples to give you an idea.

modern kitchen byron white pendant

Byron White Pendant

To accentuate the industrial design of this kitchen, the Byron White Pendant would be ideal.  It’s clean and modern with a gloss white exterior and luminescent interior.  It comes with a 110cm cable so is designed to hang at eye level – £95.  The Imperial Nickel Pendant is certainly splendidly shiny.  The cable length is 115cm – £175.

modern kitchen imperial nickel pendant

Imperial Nickel Pendant

Modern kitchen – about the makers

The Limehouse Kitchen is from a company called Neptune.  They make inspirational and innovative indoor and outdoor furniture, furnishings and home accessories.  The materials are exceptionally high quality and everything is made by experienced craftspeople.  For more information you can visit website at www.neptune.com.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Neptune.  Thanks: Ailsa.