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Mudchute Park and Farm East London

London Visit: Mudchute Park and Farm. Billed as the East London Countryside, you can enjoy this 32-acre site every day of the week. With a working farm, horse stables, children’s nursery and café, it will certainly keep the kids occupied. It’s located in the Isle of Dogs, London E14 with views of Canary Wharf peeking through the trees. If you’re looking for free things to do in East London, you should investigate Mudchute Park and Farm.

mudchute park and farm, entrance

Park and Farm Entrance

Things To Do At Mudchute Park and Farm

The focus of this site is caring for the environment. The park and farm is looked after by The Mudchute Association, a registered charity with a membership scheme. It was once derelict land which was earmarked for the building of a high-rise estate. After a public campaign, the area was secured as a park for the people. The Mudchute Association was formed in 1977 and the work began to improve the grounds, plant trees and introduce animals.

mudchute park and farm animal enclosures

Animal Enclosures

Today, visitors can enjoy all the hard work the Mudchute Association has put into preserving this patch of green space in London E14. Walking through the fields is a wonderful way to spend a sunny day in London.

mudchute park and farm, nature trail

Nature Trail

Follow the Nature Trail which is signposted. Keep your eyes open for pretty wildflowers, butterflies and birds. You’ll find some Honey Bees buzzing around the hives.

mudchute park and farm bee hives

Bee Hives

The working farm and animals are a big hit with kids and adults. We enjoyed seeing the cows, pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys and llamas close up. You can also see chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.

mudchute park and farm, light sussex chicken

Light Sussex Chicken

Trot along to the stables if you love horses. You can book a horse-riding lesson and take the livery path within the grounds. If you have a horse, you can take part in the full livery scheme in return for giving your horse or pony for ten hours use so other people can learn how to ride.

mudchute park and farm horse stables

Horse Stables

If you want to enjoy breakfast, snacks and other refreshments try the Mudchute Kitchen. There are tables and chairs outside which is a pleasant place to sit.

mudchute park and farm kitchen cafe

Mudchute Kitchen

You can view a restored Ack Ack Gun which harks back to the days when Mudchute was part of the Home Front in WW2. This position helped to defend London and the docks against German bombs. The gun sites are now part of the farm enclosures for pigs and other animals.

Mudchute Park and Farm Information

mudchute park and farm, horse in field

Horse in Field

The Mudchute Park and Farm are located at Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3HP. The nearest stations are Crossharbour, Island Gardens and Mudchute. Bus options are D3, D6, D7 and 135. The Farm and Pets Corner is open 9 am until 5 pm every day. The Park opening times are dawn to dusk. The Kitchen is closed on Mondays, it opens from 9.30 am until 3 pm Tuesday to Friday. At the weekend you can eat there from 9.30 am until 5 pm. Enjoy your visit, please donate or become a member if you can afford it.

Other Places To Explore Near Mudchute Park and Farm

mudchute park and farm, canary wharf views

Canary Wharf in Distance

If you are in the vicinity you might want to walk to Canary Wharf which takes approximately 30 minutes. This busy financial district is much quieter at the weekend when all the workers go home. You can shop in the underground malls, dine at the restaurants and enjoy the extensive collection of public art sculptures. Read my Ten Things To Do In Canary Wharf List. For photographs of the area go to my Love Canary Wharf Pinterest Board. Alternatively, you can walk under The Greenwich Foot Tunnel (under the Thames River) and you will end up in Greenwich right near The Cutty Sark. Read my Ten Things To Do In Greenwich List. For photographs see my Love Greenwich Pinterest Board. Enjoy your visit.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London.