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My Apartment Red and White Dining Room Ideas

Rooms Edit: Red and White Dining Room Ideas. We moved into our converted warehouse apartment in London earlier this year. After extensive refurbishment, it was fun when I got to the furniture and decorative object buying part. My living/dining room is open plan, so the colour scheme needed to flow from one side of the room to the other. My living room furniture is navy blue (to match the imposing dark blue warehouse windows) with red accessories alongside grey and black. My dining section is white with hints of red. Find out which products I bought in my Red and White Dining Room Ideas feature.

My Apartment Red and White Dining Room Ideas Edit

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My Apartment Red and White Dining Room Ideas Edit

Pure Evil Jackie Kennedy: One of my favourite pieces is this large multilayered laser cut Perspex of Jackie Kennedy in black, red and white. It is stunning and certainly a modern-day masterpiece, £3000 from the Pure Evil Gallery.

Kartell Red FLY Pendant: I have two red plastic bowl-shaped pendant shades at each end of my living/dining room. These are fun and add a dash of colour to the white-walled space, £197 from Heal’s.

Normann Copenhagen White My Table: I wanted a simple table which was large enough to seat six people without having to extend it. The white large My Table features a laminate top which is easy to clean and white powder-coated metal legs, £1030 from Houseology (product code: NO0293).

White Kitsch Dining Room Chairs: I already had two white swivel chairs with chrome bases which I wanted to use as dining room chairs. I bought the Kitsch chairs in white, which also had chrome legs so that they would match. With a rounded shape, they are comfy and stylish. You can also stack them, which is ideal for saving space, £59 for a set of two from (product code: CHAKIT009WHI-UK).

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Dining Room View from Living Room End

White Bar Stools: Next to the dining table, I have an opening in the kitchen wall for a breakfast bar. I selected three of these metal white bar stools which have a carry handle hole in the seat and can be stacked on top of each other. They are comfy and look very cool, £48.99 from House Additions at Wayfair (product code: FOUS3674).

Grey Sheepskin Rug: To warm up one of the swivel chairs I’ve draped a soft sheepskin rug over it. I can also use it on the floor in the winter, £78 from Amara (product code: SHEEPSKIN GREY S).

Giro Industrial Trolley Storage: Out of everything I ordered for my apartment, this was packaged the best and was the easiest to assemble. I wanted a unit to display a few decorative objects, and this industrial shelving is brilliant. It has wheels on the base, so is easy to manoeuvre, £275 from Cuckooland (product code: 46017).

Vintage Remington Standard Typewriter: I traded some social media advice with the owner of a beautiful shop called Gathering Moss located at 193 Blackstock Road, London N5 2LL. This was a display item and not for sale, so I was lucky to get my hands on it. You can usually buy them at Etsy UK.

Rory Dobner Cat Tilt Hat Tile: For a dash of eccentricity I bought this cat in a bowler hat tile which reminds me of a cat I know and love, £38 from Amara (product code: 2001-CHT).

my apartment red and white dining room shyguy lamp

Backside Bespoke Industrial Lamp Created by Shyguy

Wooden Hanging Barn Star: I have a fondness for star shapes and patterns. This matt grey wooden Amish style star is adorable and can also be hung up on a hook, £14 from Unloved Corners at Etsy UK.

Curiocity Book: My friend Rich bought me this book for Christmas a few years ago. I don’t own many physical books, but this one is about the curious side of London, so it’s perfect for me. It also looks splendid in the red hardcover, which is why it has become part of my decorative display, £18.27 from Amazon UK (product code: 1846148677).

Original Red Medical Head: I found this vintage demonstration head from a seller on Etsy. It’s a rare model and is used to show how to release the airways. I bought it from Old Toys and Cie at Etsy UK, and it is one of a kind, so there isn’t another available.

Shyguy Bad Ass Lamp: My other favourite piece is this fantastic lamp, created especially for me by the artist Shyguy. She (yes, it is she and not he!) researched the surrounding area and created a fetish punky light which pays homage to my Bankside (Backside) residence from Shyguy.

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Author: Homegirl London. Prices are correct at the time of publishing. Product codes noted where provided. Photographs: Pure Evil Gallery, Heal’s, Houseology,, Wayfair, Amara, Unloved Corners and Old Toys and Cie at Etsy UK, Amazon UK and Homegirl London.