Original vintage kitchenware pieces are perfect for achieving an effortless rustic kitchen vision.  You can pick up some bargains from car boot sales and online markets like Etsy.  Choose pieces with functionality which would also work well as decoration.  Think aluminium kitchen accessories, wire storage baskets and wooden crate boxes.  I’ve scoured Etsy UK for a selection of charming vintage kitchenware accessories to give you some inspiration.

vintage kitchenware strainer

Farmhouse Aluminium Strainer

Vintage Kitchenware – Aluminium Utensils

There are plenty of original vintage utensils which are usually in aluminium.  I found a cute scoop and skimmer, hand whisk for beating eggs and a strainer.  Hang these up on a rusty metal rod using hooks so they are easily accessible when you’re cooking up a storm which will also look quite quirky when not in use.

vintage kitchenware kitchen utensils

Original Vintage Aluminium Kitchen Accessories

  1. Aluminium Scoop and Skimmer – £10.25 from Little Retronome at Etsy UK
  2. Hand Whisk Egg Beater – £9.04 from Vintage Presents at Etsy UK
  3. Farmhouse Aluminium Strainer – £14.47 from MeshuMaSH at Etsy UK

Vintage Kitchenware – Wire Storage Baskets

Wire dish racks, farmhouse wire baskets and wire egg baskets are perfect for achieving the French farmhouse rustic style.

vintage kitchenware wire storage baskets

Original Vintage Wire Baskets

  1. Wire Dish Rack – £24.11 from Vintage Haven at Etsy UK
  2. Wire Basket – £111.93 from La Normandy Boutique at Etsy UK
  3. Wire Egg Basket – £18.09 from J M Hall Curiosities at Etsy UK

Vintage kitchenware – wooden crate boxes

Wooden crate boxes are always useful to have around the home and particularly in the kitchen.  You’ll find an extensive selection of liquor boxes, Coca Cola crates and many more antique pieces at Etsy.  Use for storing cultery, fruit and anything else which needs to be organised.

vintage kitchenware wooden crate boxes

Original Vintage Wooden Crate Boxes

  1. Drambuie Scottish Liquor Box – £39.18 from The Old Time Junk Shop at Etsy UK
  2. Yellow Coca Cola Wood Crate – £31.35 from The Old Time Junk Shop at Etsy UK
  3. Four Kraft Wood Boxes – £39.18 from The Old Time Junk Shop at Etsy UK
  4. Wooden Crate with Handles – £25.58 from Epoch Co at Etsy UK

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Little Retronome, Vintage Presents, Meshu Mash, Vintage Haven, La Normandy Boutique, J M Hall Curiosities, The Old Time Junk Shop, Agora R and R and Epoch Co. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Etsy UK (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).