Shop spotlight on Out There Interiors.  This online store is owned by Jenny Hurren and Mark Neenan.  They stock a desirable and diverse range of furniture, lights and home accessories.  You’ll find an eclectic mix of French furniture, shabby chic, mirrored, retro, industrial, Nordic and designer.  It’s the perfect place to find fabulous pieces to furnish your home.  So if you’re after a mirror, bedside tables, wardrobes or armchairs this is the place to search.  I caught up with the owners to find out more about Out There Interiors.

out there interiors chair selection

Chair Selection

Meet the Out There Interiors Owners

Out There Interiors is run by partners (in business and in life) Jenny Hurren and Mark Neenan.  Jenny looks after Marketing and Sales while Mark looks after Finance and Operations.  They met twelve years in a Wetherspoon pub when Jenny was working behind the bar inbetween acting jobs.

out there interiors mark neenan and jenny hurren

Out There Interiors Owners – Mark Neenan and Jenny Hurren

They had no previous retail experience before setting up this business.  Jenny was an actress and Mark worked in IT sales at IBM (technology and consulting corporation).  They tell me – “Jenny disliked the temporary employment she needed to do in between acting jobs.  The business began on scraps of paper when she was working on the cosmetic counter in Harrods.  By 2010 Mark had fallen out of love with the corporate world and made the big decision to jump ship.

out there interiors furniture and home accessories

Furniture and Home Accessories

Their venture in furniture was an accident – “We were moving into our first home.  We needed a chest of drawers for the bedroom, didn’t have a clue what we wanted.  We found this mirrored chest on eBay (had never seen mirrored furniture before and thought it looked cool).  Anyway, we bought it and then I spotted the same piece of furniture at a trade fair at a much cheaper price.  So we bought eight of them which we sold on eBay and the rest is history.”

out there interiors home accessories

Home Accessories

The decision to become an online retailer was the obvious choice for them – “We didn’t want to be tied to a shop and didn’t want the overheads associated with bricks and mortar.  Not having premises allowed us to build the business organically.  These days though, competing online requires a huge amount of capital.”  This venture suits their personalities – “We’re both rebels at heart and don’t like conforming on any level.”  It’s certainly worked out for them because they now employ eight other people.

out there interiors lights

Lighting Selection

Mark and Jenny explain the company name – “When the business started we sold mirrored furniture only which is difficult to photograph.  We couldn’t afford a studio and our flat was up two flights of stairs, so we used to take everything out into the garden and shoot it there.  As the business developed we began buying unique and wonderful things.  The name Out There Interiors seemed to work on both levels.  Although we no longer photograph outside, the unorthodox nature of the name (an interiors company called ‘out there’) still represents us well.”

out there interiors pig storage

Pig Storage Cabinet

Out There Interiors Collection

Mark and Jenny stock a wide range of furniture styles, they tell me – “We don’t focus on one particular look.  This reflects our own tastes which are vastly different from each other and ever changing.  The one thing we both agree on is the desirability factor.  It doesn’t matter what style it is; mirrored, French, designer, industrial, Nordic, ethnic – anything goes.  It just has to be desirable.”  To give you an idea of what you’ll find online, Jenny and Mark have selected five items for you to admire.

out there interiors product selection

Faustine French Bedside Table £325, Paavo Green Beaded Chandelier £445, Keren Semi-Circle Mirrored Console Table £219, Gino Eames Style RAR Rocker Chair £160 and Noemi Double Metal Display Cabinet £699,

Buy Out There Interiors Products

If you’re treating yourself to some new furniture then do visit the online store at Out There Interiors.  To give you an idea about prices – Home Accessories are £5-695, Chests of Drawers £135-1500, Coffee Tables £90-1600 and Mirrors are £46-700.  Good news for my overseas readers, they can deliver to most destinations worldwide.  If you’re after something a bit different, say an electric blue armoire with a zebra print interior they can make this happen for you – how amazing!

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Out There Interiors.  Thanks: Jenny Hurren and Mark Neenan.