paisley patterns come back home for bohemian decor trend

Paisley patterns come back home for bohemian decor trend

I keep coming across Paisley, the lovely teardrop shape design which is associated with the Scottish town of the same name – although it doesn’t originate from there and is of Iranian and Indian origin.  The East India Company was responsible for the attention given to Kashmir shawls bearing this pattern in the first half of the seventeenth century.  These shawls became highly sought after and from 1800 the town of Paisley in Scotland helped to manufacture them.  They were able to incorporate up to fifteen colours which were far more than anyone else could achieve and thus became synonymous with the pattern.  It had a revival in the sixties when Carnaby Street was awash with this bright teardrop design and now it’s back again for bohemian decor.  There is something quite romantic and poetic about the pattern which I have always admired and I’m pleased it’s having a revival.  I’ve found plenty of home accessories cushions, lampshades and tableware bearing the paisley pattern which I’ll share with you.


Plate by Foxtail Pottery at Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Paisley Home Accessories

So let’s take a look at some home accessories adorned with this lovely design, first up is a selection of printed cushions.  This is a great way to introduce this pattern into your home without committing to it on a permanent basis.  For drama try, the black and grey patterned cushion made from 100% cotton – £20.68 from Pillow Bazaar at Etsy.  Another striking offering is the black and white lumbar cushion featuring the design on 100% cotton while the reverse is in French grey / taupe linen for contrast – £66.24 (cushion and feather insert) from Villa De Luxe Boutique at Etsy UK.  For an earthier feel try the black and tan lumbar pillow – £19.46 from Fine Fresh Design at Etsy.  If you’d prefer something more colourful then check out Laura Olivia – I recently wrote about her new collection in my ‘Finds’ section.  Laura is really rocking the bright boho look on cushions, furnishing fabric and window blinds.

paisley cushions

Cushion Selection fro Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you’re looking for a patterned lampshade try this adorable handmade fabric shade for pendant or lamp use – £80 from Belle and Vidére from  The Belle Epoch drum shade is bold in punchy purple by Swee Mei Lampshades – £29.99 at  For something a little softer opt for this pretty pink offering which can be hung from the ceiling or used for a lamp – £45 from Pins and Ribbons at Not on the High Street.  I think that softer colours work better for a smaller table lamp and bolder colours are better suited to larger floor lamps or pendants.  Select pinks for a feminine touch and purples to make a statement.

paisley lampshades

Lampshade Selection from  (Picture Affiliate Link)

This pattern is also featured on tableware like this cereal bowl which comes in black and white or blue and white – £30 from Clementine Mackintosh at Etsy UK.  Victoria Mae Designs has used the print on a selection of pieces like this china jug – £30 from Etsy UK.  I actually have a ‘Profiles’ feature about Victoria coming up next week so do keep an eye out for that.  Finally, the wheel-thrown pottery plates feature a single motif which really stands out – £23.11 from Foxtail Pottery at Etsy UK.  Most of the tableware pieces I’ve seen are blue or black against white.  Instead of investing in a whole new dinner set just mix in a few patterned pieces to liven things up a bit.  These would also work well as a decoration for kitchen shelves, especially the jug which you can display flowers in.

paisely tableware

Tableware Selection from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Paisley At Liberty London

If you adore this pattern a good place to shop is Liberty London.  They have an extensive library of prints with twenty-six designs in a selection of colours – earthy, blues, reds, yellows and darker tones.  Some are re-works of classic archive works while others are modern interpretations.  If you don’t want to make your own outfit don’t worry because there are plenty of fashion items to purchase.  You can pick up scarves, flip flops, trainers, and clothing adorned with this pattern.

Where To Buy Paisley Products

If you love this design, you can buy the pieces I’ve mentioned in the article from the following online shops.

Pillow Bazaar, Villa De Luxe Boutique, Fine Fresh Designs, Clementine Mackintosh, Victoria Mae Designs and Foxtail Pottery at Etsy UK Affiliate Link: Etsy UK
Swee Mei Lampshades and Pins and Ribbons at Affiliate Link:

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Pillow Bazaar, Villa De Luxe, Fine Fresh Design, Belle and Vidére, Swee Mei Lampshades, Pins and Ribbons, Clementine Mackintosh, Victoria Mae Designs and Foxtail Pottery.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Etsy UK, Liberty London and (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).




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