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Panoramic Views From Lift 109 At Battersea Power Station

Lift 109 at Battersea Power Station is a thrilling experience that elevates you up the North West chimney in a glass elevator. When you reach the top, you are treated to breathtaking panoramic views of London. I experienced the thrill of Lift 109 last week when I was writing about ten things to do at Battersea Power Station, and it was amazing. If you’ve read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl and wondered what flying through the sky in a glass elevator is like, this is your opportunity! If you’re looking for the best views of London, an exciting gift for a friend or loved one or tourist attractions in London, you’ll love Lift 109.

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Lift 109 Battersea Power Station Experience

It’s best to purchase your ticket online to secure your slot. I tried to buy mine from the gift shop, but their card machine wasn’t working. I couldn’t get a good phone signal, so I had to go out of the Battersea Power Station building to buy the ticket. The ticket price had then increased due to peak time, but I decided to proceed because I wanted to check it out for my article.

lift 109 battersea power station lift entrance

Make sure you arrive at the Lift 109 entrance before your official ticket time because you need to pass through the airport-style security. After you’ve emptied your pockets of any metal objects and been scanned, you can put everything back.

lift 109 battersea power station gallery exhibition

You’ll find yourself in the Art Deco Gallery area of Turbine Hall A. Here you can discover more about the 90-year history of Battersea Power Station through multi-media interactive displays.

lift 109 battersea power station infinity room

Just before you get into the Lift, you are taken into the Infinity Room to watch visuals of swirling energy particles and fire.

lift 109 battersea power station glass elevator

After the Infinity show, you can get into one of the regular lifts to the next level. Then you must get out and walk up a circular staircase of about thirty steps. You’ll then arrive at the round glass elevator.

lift 109 battersea power station lift going up

The next thing you know, the lift doors close, and you ascend 109 meters up the chimney. I recommend that you get inside and hold on to something. As you move towards the sky, a constellation of lights swirls around the chimney, which adds a sense of drama. When you see daylight and the Lift stops, everyone gasps with delight.

lift 109 battersea power station panoramic views

The views are stunning, and you get around six minutes (I can’t remember the exact time) to take photographs and videos. You’ll see visual guides on the handrail to help locate certain buildings. Make sure you choose a sunny day to enjoy the maximum 360 degrees of uninterrupted London.

lift 109 battersea power station gifts

When your time is up, the Lift goes back down, down the spiral staircase, into the regular lifts, and you exit through the gift shop. Gifts include official merchandise such as ornaments, books, cushions, T-shirts and mugs.

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Helpful Information About Lift 109 Battersea Power Station

To find out more information, go to the Lift 109 website. You’ll find Lift 109 at Battersea Power Station inside Turbine Hall A on Level One. The nearest stations are Battersea Underground (Northern Line), Battersea Park Station Train (Southern Rail) or the Thames Clipper Boat. Adult tickets cost £15.90, children’s £11.50, but these prices may increase at certain times. You can also buy family and group tickets. Opening hours vary, so please check online, but they are open seven days a week (closed on Christmas Day).

lift 109 battersea power station building

I recommend you allow a full day to explore the Battersea Power Station transformation. You’ll find shops, restaurants, a bar and a cinema inside the Power Station. There are more shops and eateries on the surrounding streets (Arches Lane, Village Courtyard, Circus West Village and Electric Boulevard). There are lots of fun things to do, including playing crazy golf, immersing yourself in virtual reality, going to the theatre or watching a movie. When you want to relax, you can sit on the Coaling Jetty or walk around Battersea Park.

lift 109 battersea power station view from across the thames

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