parrot home decor trend flying high

Parrot home decor trend flying high

The parrot home decor trend is flying high.  Parrots and tropical birds are perching in all the best homes around the country.  Whether it’s framed posters, wall art, ceramic ornament, bookends or cushions, parrot home decor is certainly making an impact.  I’ve selected ten of my favourite pieces for you to admire.  So take a perch and enjoy my feather-filled finds including tropical home accessories, exotic decorative objects and parrot cushions.

parrot home decor bookends gold

Gold Parrot Bookends from Audenza at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Parrot Home Decor Decorative Objects

This Parrots Framed Poster is a wonderful wildlife artwork featuring five colourful parrots posing for your pleasure.  It comes already framed with a black surround which really shows this piece off beautifully.  This art would be rather cool hanging in a conservatory or next to a large tropical plant.  The framed poster is 43.5cm high, 65cm wide and 4.5cm in depth – £98 from Graham & Green.

parrot home decor framed poster

Parrots Framed Poster from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

For decorative interest, this Ceramic Parrot is a nice piece to place on a bookcase or in a curiosity cabinet.  It’s a ceramic item which has been glazed with pure white to show off the delicate gold detailing.  This would be ideally placed under a glass dome; it would look spectacular and you won’t have to dust it!  The measurements are 18cm high – £18 from Graham & Green.

parrot home decor ceramic parrot

White Ceramic Parrot Ornament from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Alternatively, you might prefer this Black Parrot on Stand which is an elegant and stylish ornament.  I love the way the parrot is turning as though it has noticed that you are in the room admiring him.  Team this next to a pineapple-shaped desk lamp for a tropical splash in your living room.  The parrot is made from resin with black colouring and a distressed finish for a vintage vibe.  It measures 26cm high – £18 by Marquis and Dawe at

parrot home decor black parrot ornament

Black Parrot on Stand Ornament from Marquis and Dawe at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Keep your novels neat and orderly with these Gold Parrot Bookends.  The three parrots are perched on branches and painted in an old gold colour which contrasts nicely against the stark black of the bookends.  These provide decorative interest and something to admire on your shelves other than the books.  The measurements are 22cm high, 15cm wide and 12cm in depth – £45.50 from Audenza at

parrot home decor gold parrot bookends

Gold Parrot Bookends from Audenza at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Decorate your walls with the Ceramic Parrot Wall Art.  The decorative parrots are quite kitsch and adorable in a yummy yellow and bright blue teal.  These are a cute addition to add a splash of colour to a sunroom or conservatory.  You could arrange a few together for impact.  The measurements are 36cm high – £24 each from The Contemporary Home at

parrot home decor parrot wall art birds

Ceramic Parrot Wall Art from The Contemporary Home at (Picture Affiliate Link)

These Tropical Birds on Perch are fun.  They are full of exotic flavour and a great way to bring a touch of nature inside and brighten up a dull room.  You can choose a stone grey cockatoo or green parrot.  They are made from resin and are sitting on their very own perch.  The cockatoo measures 53cm high, 20cm wide and 15cm in depth – £52.  The parrot measures 44cm high, 19cm wide and 14cm in depth – £45 from Graham & Green.

parott home decor decorative parott and cockatoo on perch

Tropical Birds on Perch from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you’re smitten with these perching birds you might also like the Artificial Green Parrot which has been made from polystyrene and real chicken feathers.  The feet are made using a flexible wire so it’s easy to perch somewhere interesting.  There is also a cockatoo in a similar style if you feel this bird needs some company!  The measurements are 30cm in length – £25.50 from Eastern Biological.

parrot home decor artificial parrot

Artificial Green Parrot from Eastern Biological

Parrot Home Decor Cushions

The Majestic Macaw Cushion is by Martha and Hepsie, a sister design duo making cushions, lampshades, jewellery and many more cute items.  This parrot cushion is bright and colourful.  It will really make a dull room zing with a taste of the tropics.  The back has a deep blue cover and you can select a feather or synthetic pad inner.  All the cushions are handmade so it will take around three weeks to be delivered.  You can also buy a matching lampshade and fabric if you want to be totally coordinated.  The measurements are 45cm square – £50 by Martha and Hepsie at

parrot home decor macaw cushion

Majestic Macaw Cushion from Martha and Hepsie at (Picture Affiliate Link)

This Blue Parrot Cushion is lovely and large so it can be used as a floor cushion if you need additional seating.  I love the parrots perching side by side which are featured on the front.  The reverse is plain natural coloured cotton for contrast.  The cushion closes with a zip and contains an inner pad.  This item is designed and handmade in Australia.  The measurements are 70cm square – £68.87 from Maker and Merchant at Etsy UK.

parrot home decor blue cushion

Blue Parrot Cushion from Maker and Merchant at Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you really want to brighten up your place try this Colourful Parrot Cushion.  It’s crammed full of exotic birds which really squawks paradise.  Trimmed with a row of purple pompoms this cushion is certainly loud.  It comes with an insert so is ready to throw on your sofa and enjoy straight away.  The measurements are 40.64cm square – £20 from The Ginger Tom Shop at Etsy UK.

parrot home decor colourful parrot cushion

Colourful Parrot Cushion from The Ginger Tom Shop at Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Parrot Home Decor

If you want a touch of the tropics in your own home, here are links to the sellers of the parrot inspired decorative objects and cushions.

Graham & Green Affiliate Link: Graham & Green
Marquis and Dawe, Audenza, The Contemporary Home and Martha and Hepsie at Affiliate Link:
Eastern Biological Link: Eastern Biologica
Maker and Merchant and The Ginger Tom Shop at Etsy UK Affiliate Link: Etsy UK

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Graham & Green, Marquis and Dawe, Audenza, The Contemporary Home, Eastern Biological, Martha and Hepsie, Maker and Merchant ant The Ginger Tom Shop.  Thanks: No one helped me with this feature.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner links – Graham & Green, and Etsy UK (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).