Patterned tiles look absolutely amazing adorning floors in every room in the home.  Designer Lindsey Lang has a selection of very cool patterned tiles in her trademark bright, bold and graphic style.  You’ll notice from the pictures below that these patterned tiles are so versatile.  They would look fabulous gracing the floor in the bathroom, kitchen/diner, living room and hallway.

Patterned tiles – view the tiled floors

Try patterned tiles in the bathroom – add your splash of colour through the floor tiles.  Paint the walls or wood panelling in a neutral shade to allow your tiles to stand out.

Lindsey Lang, Patterned Tiles, Leaf

Lindsey Lang – Leaf Tile

Lindsey Lang, Hex

Lindsey Lang – Hex Tile

Kitchen tiles are essential if you don’t want to worry about any spillages which might occur.  Again these work well against plain walls and white or light coloured units.

Lindsey Lang, Patterned Tiles, Scallop

Lindsey Lang – Scallop Tile

Lindsey Lang, Patterned Tiles, Leaf

Lindsey Lang – Leaf Tile

Hallways and entrances are the perfect place to lay down tiles because you have a lot of foot traffic in and out on a daily basis.  You can use patterned tiles to add decorative interest.  Besides, if it was good enough for the Victorians, it’s good enough for us today.

Lindsey Lang, Patterned Tiles, Tweed

Lindsey Lang – Tweed Tile

Lindsey Lang, Patterned Tiles, Ellipse

Lindsey Lang – Ellipse Tile

Patterned tiles – view the collection

The Lindsey Lang patterned tiles feature changeable colours and patterns to suit any interior style.  The six patterns available are – Leaf, Ellipse, Double Ellipse, Scallop, Hex and Tweed.

Lindsey Lang, Patterned Tiles

Lindsey Lang – Tile Selection

There are two tile finishes – Granito and Encaustic.  Granito tiles are made from a blend of pigmented cement mix and marble aggregates.  This age-old process is both traditional and manual.  Once the tiles are set, they can be polished to reveal the beauty of the material – a speckled marble finish which can be polished to a matte, satin or gloss finish.  Encaustic tiles are made using an ancient process from the Victorian era.  The Encaustic Cement tiles have a natural patina that is revealed over time.  They also retain their colour and pattern and can be polished back to their original state.

Patterned tiles – buy the products

You can buy these tiles from  The price is approximately £185 per m2. Size options – 40x40cm / 22mm thick. 30x30cm / 22mm thick. 20x20cm / 16mm thick. 14.3×14.3cm / 16mm thick. 20x23cm / 16mm thick Hexagon.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photography: Lindsey Lang.  Thanks: Jessica Hallissey.