pegboards trend offers visually pleasing creative wall storage solutions

Pegboards trend offers visually pleasing creative wall storage solutions

Pegboards are venturing out of the garage and into our homes as visually pleasing and creative wall storage solutions.  Pegboards are made from perforated hardboard with evenly spaced drilled holes which can be inserted with pegs or hooks.  Traditionally these are used in workshops and garages for a neat way to organise tools or in retail shops for showcasing merchandise.  The pegs and hooks can easily be moved as required giving you total flexibility.  You can use these as coat hooks, craft storage, home office organisation, kitchen organiser, hanging jewellery and for anything else you desire.  These are a great way to add visual impact to a room and give you easy access to anything you might need to hand.

workshop storage by girlwithbeads

Garage and Workshop Storage – Designed by Girlwithbeads from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)


Cornish design company Block is owned by Tara Ashe who comes from an engineering and applied arts background.  Her business has a reputation for creating colourful and contemporary designs.  They have a very cool collection of these boards in light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow, white and natural wood which come with very cute multi-coloured wooden pegs.  These are just perfect for organising your home office stationery sundries or making a creative board.  Either way, it will be visually pleasing and something interesting to stare at when you need to restart your brain.  The measurements are 79cm x 59cm – £60 from Block at

pegboards office oraganisation by block light blue

Home Office Organisation – Designed by Block from (Picture Affiliate Link)

Kreisdesign was set up by Nikki Kreis who focusses on products that enhance people’s lives.  Nikki has designed coat hook systems that are perfect for jackets, hats, bags, and scarves.  These can also be used instead of a wardrobe in a spare room.  Or perhaps place it in a child’s bedroom to hang out their school uniform so they can dress themselves in the morning while you enjoy a cup of coffee!

pegboards for coats by kreisdesign

Coat Hooks – Designed by Kreisdesign from (Picture Affiliate Link)

The pegs have been handmade and you can arrange them on the board to suit your needs.  This is great if you have kids so you can put their jackets right at the bottom so they can put on their own coat.  It comes in a choice of white or black for the background.  You can select assorted coloured pegs or natural if you’d prefer with the option of buying additional pegs if required.  The measurements are 114cm high, 66cm wide and 4cm in depth – £327 upwards from Kreisdesign at

pegboards for chidren bedroom by kreisdesign

Coat Hooks – Designed by Kreisdesign from (Picture Affiliate Link)

I also found a seller on Etsy UK called Girlwithbeads (Rebecca) who made herself a board and created a few extra to sell to others.  Rebecca usually makes unique handmade upcycled fashion accessories.  This pegboard is a great way to display your own prized trinkets and sunglasses.

pegboards jewellery and accessory display by girlwithbeads

Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Organiser – Designed by Girlwithbeads from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Her collection includes different colour options – white, white with a green stripe, white with chevron, blackboard and unpainted.  The measurements are 61cm high, 81cm wide and 2.2cm in depth – £29.81 upwards from Girlwithbeads at Etsy UK.

pegboards for craft room by girlwithbeads

Craft Storage – Designed by Girlwithbeads from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Making Your Own Pegboards

If you fancy making your own board you can purchase perforated hardboard from building merchants.  I found a UK supplier online Jastimber Pegboard who also sells hooks.  The other option is to check out eBay which has some listings for boards and hooks.  An easy way to make this is to cut the board to fit a ready-made canvas frame (minus the canvas).  Fix your board to the frame with screws or glue and then simply paint the front and sides.  You can be creative with your paint choices, for example, Rebecca from Girlwithbeads made a board for the kitchen using blackboard paint which is a neat idea.  You can then chalk down your shopping list so you don’t forget all those essential items like wine and chocolate!

pegboards office tidy by girlwithbeads

Home Office Organiser – Designed by Girlwithbeads from Etsy UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Rebecca from Girlwithbeads shows how she’s adapted her board using cute baskets to hang on the hooks.  She’s also drilled holes in the back of plastic cups to hold pencils, pens and paintbrushes.  Perhaps you could use mini cereal packets for a pop of colour.  Give them a varnish, use a hole puncher to make space for a hook and strengthen with a self-adhesive hole reinforcement ring.  If you have any cute designer drawstring pouches which came with your jewellery purchases you can also tie these to the hooks.  You can upcycle quite a few pieces you have lying around your home, give it a go and if you don’t like it or get bored just make something else!

Where to Buy Pegboards

I know you’re very busy so if you don’t have time to make your own board you can just buy one.  Here are links to the online shops I’ve mentioned in this article.

Block and Kreisdesign at Affiliate Link:
Girlwithbeads at Etsy UK Affiliate Link: Etsy UK

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