personalised christmas gifts previewed,

Personalised Christmas Gifts Previewed

I was invited along to the Stylist Live 2016 event today by (Affiliate Link) to view their recommendations for personalised Christmas gifts. Yes, I know it’s very early to be thinking about, talking about and writing about Xmas gift ideas for 2016 but here I am doing just that. If you’re heading to the Stylist Live event at the Business Design Centre in Islington from 13-16 October, make sure you visit the stand where you will find plenty of personalised Christmas gifts to get you in the festive mood.

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That’s Your Christmas Presents Sorted (Picture Affiliate Link)

Personalised Christmas Gifts Previewed

On their stand at the Stylist Live 2016 event, has gathered together a mix of gifts suitable for your entire family and all your friends. Because many of their partners (or elves as they are calling them for Christmas) can personalise gifts with names, dates or whatever else takes your fancy, they have a few of these makers on their stand.

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Hard Working Elves (Picture Affiliate Link)

At the event, you can have a gift personalised and get it at a discounted price of 15% off which is great news for all your bargain hunters out there. These included a Card Holder by Brit-Stitch in leather (product code 629229), Dipped Bar Bangle and Necklace by Lisa Angel (product code 538815 and 465902) and Ceramic Bauble by Twenty-Seven (product code 261747). You can also sample the Marshmallow Toasting Kit from The Naked Marshmallow Co (product code 551352) which is just so yummy.

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My Personalised Gifts and Marshmallows (Picture Affiliate Link)

My Top Five Personalised Christmas Gifts

The gift ideas displayed at the stand are all online. You’ll find them on the homepage grouped under Stylist Live Collection. Have a browse through which gives you plenty of ideas for personalised presents and more. I picked out five of my favourites to share with you.

personalised christmas gifts, moustache comb

Personalised Wooden Beard and Moustache Combs (Picture Affiliate Link)

  1. Handy: Personalised Alphabet Clutch Bag £46 (product code 314017)
  2. Pretty: Personalised Stripe Make Up Case £16 (product code 453236)
  3. Starry: Personalised Map of the Stars Print £84 (product code 561983)
  4. Cutesy: Personalised Polar Bear £29 (product code 586307)
  5. Hairy: Personalised Wooden Beard and Moustache Comb £12.95 (product code 452733)

Make Your Own Personalised Christmas Gifts

While you’re at the event you should check out the masterclasses at the Create Lab which is sponsored by I attended one of these to make a macramé hanging plant hosted by Posh Totty Designs. OMG is all I can say, that macramé malarkey is so much harder than you’d imagine. I really struggled to get the hang of it (excuse the pun) but I managed to crack the method and got on with my knotting (I think that’s what I was doing). Anyway, an hour later and I had a pretty pink macramé plant pot holder which I can give someone as a present made by my own fair hands. I must admit that mine was quite poor in comparison to everyone else on the table, theirs all looked super professional. But then again, mine had character, or at least that’s what I told myself!

personalised christmas gifts, macrame

My Macramé Plant Pot Holder (Don’t Laugh) (Picture Affiliate Link)

The other classes include creating beautiful brush lettering artwork by Teri Muncey, experimental perfume club by Emmanuelle Moeglin, how to make your own raw chocolate by The Indytute and craft your own felt cactus by Ruth Oliver. If you fancy any of those get yourself along to Stylist Live and create something beautiful. The event was fun and fulfilling so go online and book your tickets now! If you are going to buy someone a personalised gift this year allow enough time for it to be made and delivered, so that’s why you need to think about those present ideas now and not wait until the last minute! Happy shopping and ho, ho, ho my lovelies.

personalised christmas gifts, stand at stylist live

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