Homegirl London’s Restaurant Review: L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Perhaps you’ve already read about this pizzeria from Naples because it’s been heavily hyped with queues down the street. Luckily for us, we live within walking distance so popped down on Tuesday lunch time just before 12pm and bagged ourselves a table. If you’re looking for the best pizza in London or pizza restaurants in Stoke Newington, check out L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

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“For a taste of authentic Naples pizza try Margherita and Marinara at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele where the base is cooked to perfection and the toppings are totally delicious” Homegirl London

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Menu

This menu is concise because there are just two classic pizzas and a dessert. We tried both pizza options. The Margherita has tomatoes, Fior di latte, cheese and basil. This is priced £7.90 for regular and £9 for large. Did you know that Margherita pizza originated from Naples when Queen Margherita of Savoy (wife of King Umberto I) was made a pizza representing the colours of the Italian flag by chef Raffaele Esposito of Pizzeria Brandi and his wife? Anyway, I digress, the other option is the Marinara which featured a sauce of tomatoes, garlic and oregano. It doesn’t have any cheese which is ideal for those who want to avoid cheese. This was £6.90 for regular and £7.90 for large.

pizzeria da michele stoke newington, margherita pizza

Margherita Pizza

Okay, so did it live up to the hype? Yes, it was delicious, I love pizza and could eat it every day if it’s good. The base and crust is what it’s all about. This base was thin but had a raised crust with parts of it crispy with slightly burnt raised bubbles. That’s just how I like it. The pizza shape was rustic so it had a form of its own and spread off the plate. Toppings wise, the tomatoes were sweet and the Marinara wasn’t too over powering with the garlic and you could really taste the oregano.

pizzeria da michele stoke newington, narinara

Marinara Pizza

I’ve travelled throughout Italy extensively and have been to Naples a few times so I’ve tried darn good pizza. I also think that London now has some fantastic pizza restaurants who are experimenting with adventurous toppings. If you do want to try an authentic pizza, this place is well worth a visit. The Condurro family has an incredibly loyal following in Naples since opening in 1870 and the Italians call the pizzeria – ‘The Sacred Temple of Pizza’ which is high praise indeed. The family has continued the tradition of being master pizza makers who pay attention to preparing and kneading the dough. If there is a tradition and skill to pass on to a new generation, thank god, it’s making pizza!

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Interiors

You’ll probably notice a crowd queuing outside during the weekend. You can see inside the glass windows and get a peek of the interiors. This is a small restaurant with about 26 tables. It looks as though there might be room out the back in the garden. It’s minimal decoration with wooden floor, a combination of bare brick and white washed walls. The marble tables are set out in groups of four or two but can be re-arranged if necessary. You’ll notice a few historic photographs on the walls which are worth a look. You’ll spot the massive pizza oven is located at the back of the restaurant decorated with blue tiles. Go and have a look at the team kneading the dough and arranging the toppings while you’re there and you might pick up a few tips. It’s not a restaurant where you’d relax and hang out for a while because there is likely to be someone wanting your table! But it is a great stop off place for a beer and a traditional pizza if you’re in the vicinity or want to make a special trip because you’re crazy about pizza.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Information

pizzeria da michele stoke newington exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant go to the Da Michele Italian Website  and click the English map for translation. Also visit the Facebook Page . The restaurant address is 125 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, London N16 0UH. The nearest stations are Stoke Newington and Rectory Road both on the Overground line. Current opening times Tuesday to Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 12-10.30pm and closed on Monday.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me and Ant for telling me about this restaurant.


Pizzeria da Michele Stoke Newington N16
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