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Pop Art Style Red Hanging Tree Decorations

Finds Edit: Red Hanging Tree Decorations. Make a statement with pop art style Red Hanging Tree Decorations. These are bright, bold and beautiful alternatives to traditional Xmas decorations for your tree. My selection includes a coca-cola bottle, a box of popcorn and other super cute pieces. These are perfect for anyone looking for retro or vintage style Christmas tree decorations. Bright pops of red tend to work well against the dark green of your spruce, pine or fir tree.

Red Hanging Tree Decorations Edit

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Red Hanging Tree Decorations Edit

Red Truck Tree Decoration: Okay I know this truck isn’t exactly pop art, but I wanted to include it in my round-up because it is red and super cute! Adorable vintage style bright red truck with a Christmas tree loaded in the back, £4.95 from Liberty London (product code: 5057865621791).

Balloon Dog: Delightful red balloon-shaped dog wearing a red and white stripe scarf for extra cuteness, £4 from Paperchase.

Glitter Tongue Sticking Out Tree Decoration: Cheeky hanging decoration with a pop-art vibe by Cody Foster & Co, £12 from Amara (product code: GO-4143).

Coca-Cola Bottle Tree Decoration: Hang your favourite fizzy drink on your tree, this retro coke bottle will undoubtedly make your Christmas tree pop, £8 from Amara (product code: CC1102).

Love Glass Cloud Tree Decoration: Ravishing red love sign in comic book style speech bubble design with glitter finish and gold hanging loop, £10 from Amara (product code: 1187000070017).

Cinema Popcorn Tree Decoration: Fab and fun glass popcorn box with a shimmering pearlescent finish, £12 from Amara (product code: 1162810110047).

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