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Potty About Cool Concrete Planters

Homegirl London finds the coolest concrete planters. I’m just potty about these concrete plant pots which come in a selection of styles from minimal and contemporary to rustic and shabby chic. These concrete planters are a brilliant buy for anyone looking to give their home the raw factor or buy a gift for their best bud.

concrete planters geometric style, okconcrete

Geometric Concrete from OKConcrete at (Picture Affiliate Link)

My Favourite Concrete Planters

These Concrete Geometric Set of Three Planters would make a great gift. The trio of pots is perfect for showcasing your succulents. If those don’t survive you can re-purpose as pencil and pen holders instead! These don’t have a hole underneath so are best for indoor use. But they do have protective bases to keep your furniture scratch-free. You also get an air plant with the set. The measurements for the largest is 11cm tall and 13cm across, the smallest is 6cm tall and 7cm across. The price is £45.95. Buy from OKConcrete at Product code: 499653.

plain concrete planters, from sort

Geometric Concrete from OKConcrete at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Minimalists will want these handmade Plain Concrete Planters. These are available in black, dark grey, light grey or white. The colours are mixed by hand so will not always be exactly the same. If you look closely you’ll notice a marbled effect which is unique to each product. The material is weather-resistant so these pots can be placed outside if you’d prefer. You can request to have a drainage outlet which is advisable for outdoor use. The small size is 9cm high and 11.5cm in diameter (top outer), priced £20. Medium is 11.50cm high and 13.5cm in diameter, priced £30. Large is 15cm high and 18cm in diameter (top outer), priced £40. Available from Sort at Product code: 580274.

plain concrete planters, from sort

Plain Marble Concrete from Sort at (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Set of Three Concrete Planters are perfect for house plants or creating a cute herb garden outside your back door. The concrete finish is contemporary but would also suit a rustic interior. These all have holes at the bottom to help with drainage. The small size is 21cm high with 18cm diameter. Medium is 26cm high with 24cm diameter. Large is 34cm high with 31cm diameter. The set of three pots costs £59.95. Available from All Things Brighton Beautiful at Product code: 424418.

plain concrete planters, all things brighton beautiful

Plain Concrete from All Things Brighton Beautiful at (Picture Affiliate Link)

These Two Concrete Planters have a rounded shape and naturally textured outer. They have been made by pouring concrete into a cast so you get the imperfections making each one unique. Excellent for succulents, house plants or perhaps windowsill herbs. Would suit rustic, rural, traditional or industrial style interior décor. The set of two pots are both 16cm high and 17cm in diameter. They cost £20. Available from Cox and Cox. Product code: H-2CONPLANT.

textured concrete planters, cox and cox

Textured Concrete Planters from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

You might be tempted by these Textured Concrete Planters which come in a range of sizes. These can be used inside and outside which is brilliant if you need to bring in plants during the winter. The bumpy pattern gives these concrete pots added interest. Ideal for potting succulents, aloe vera or cacti. The small pot is 10cm high with a 9cm wide rim priced £8. Medium is 15cm high with a 14cm rim for £14. The large is 19cm high and the rim 18cm for £18. From Henry & Future at Product code: 453432.

textured concrete planters, henry and future

Textured Concrete from Henry & Future at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Shabby Chic lovers will adore these Heart Detail Planters. The heart has been created using a dot motif which makes these even cuter. You can use this inside and outside but please note they are not frost proof. There are three size options available which would look stunning grouped together. Small is 10cm high and 11.5cm wide priced £5.50 / product code: PCG3248. Medium is 13cm high and 15cm wide costing £8.95 / product code: PHW3272. Large is 15.5cm high and 18cm wide for £13.95 / product code: PPG6935. Buy from Graham & Green.

heart motif concrete planters, buy graham and green

Heart Imprinted Concrete from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Tips About Buying Concrete Planters

A few tips about buying concrete plant pots. Decide on the size of pot you need which means researching how big your intended plant will grow. Determine if you can use the plant inside and outside. Most of the pots for outdoor use will need to be brought in during the winter and are not frost resistant. Check the underneath of the pot to make sure it is smooth otherwise it might damage surfaces. There are various styles available so buy one which complements your interior décor. Don’t forget to buy a plant!

Buy Concrete Planters

If you want to get hardcore, you can buy these plant pots from the following online retailers.

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