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Pretty Rose Quartz Gift Ideas For Mum

Rose Quartz Gift Ideas For Mum: If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, you might want to consider rose quartz products. Rose quartz is a type of quartz with a rose hue which some call the romance stone. It is associated with helping to reduce stress, tension and feeling resentful of others. I’ve selected a few rose quartz gift ideas for mum which include beauty products, cosmetics and jewellery.

Rose Quartz Gift Ideas For Mum

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Mother’s Day Rose Quartz Gift Ideas Edit

Rose Quartz Pendant: Delicate 18ct rose gold necklace with semi-precious rose quartz in a choice of a drop, square or round shape, £45 from Hurley Burley at (product code: 824289).

Rose Quartz Coin Charm Bracelet: Pretty rose quartz stones set close together with a silver disc as the focal point, £85 from Lola Rose London at Wolf & Badger.

Rose Quartz Collar Necklace: Gold plated necklace featuring chunky cut pebble shape stones, £17.50 from Marks and Spencer (product code: T066103Z).

Rose Quartz Stud Earrings: Rose 18ct gold studs with cut quartz gemstones in pretty pink by Monica Vinader, £95 from Liberty London (product code: 5055843325143).

Rose Quartz Lip Cristal: Chantecaille lipstick gives lips a lustrous pearly rose-pink shimmer, £47 from Beauty Expert.

Rose Quartz Eye Mask: Angela Caglia self-love rose eye mask is said to help calm and soothe you so you can get a night of better sleep, £110 from Cult Beauty Ltd.

Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller: The Holistic Silk face roller helps to relieve tension, soothe the mind and stimulate circulation, £40 from Amara (product code: CHI-MR-RSE).

Rose Quartz Eye Treatment: The Angela Caglia rosebud eye set will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles while relieving facial tension, £45 from Cult Beauty Ltd.

Roze Quartz Body Oil: Herbivore illuminating skin oil helps add a glow to your skin while delivering hydration, £40 from Cult Beauty Ltd.

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