chloe-croft-sea-of-cushionsHomegirl London pays homage to Chloe Croft.  Combining animals with a special technique of cutting hundreds of strips of parchment paper gives Chloe a distinct style.  Her cushions are adorned with exotic parrots and flamingos plus pets such as budgies, cats and dogs.  She’s also created a glorious selection of original art work using her unique techniques which are also available in limited edition prints.  Chloe makes brilliant window blinds which are personally designed, hand cut and crafted to provide privacy, each cut-out filters light to project softly glowing images of patterns into the room and can be made in colours and sizes to suit your exact specifications.  She’s a top pedigree herself – a masters fashion graduate from the world renowned Royal College of Art and her clientele ranges from pop stars – Scissor Sisters to Opera singer Angela Georgiou.  I asked Chloe some questions …

Q: Tell me more about your fascinating paper cutting technique – how did you arrive at this application and what inspired you?

A: I studied fashion designer at degree level and then as a masters at the Royal College of Art and I used to do my fashion illustrations using block colour which is where this technique came from.  I also wanted to use florescent pinks and greens and a statement bold technique – I just feel more comfortable ‘painting’ with paper.

Q: Your work features animals, what took you in this direction?

A: I’ve always been crazy about animals and have always liked them far more than people!  I’m a country girl born and breed and did have animals growing up and have always loved their blinding intelligence, loyalty and trust.  I’ve always contributed a percentage of my sales to the WWF and I want to do a series of endangered animals to raise awareness.

Q: When you work on a commissioned piece of art for a family pet, how does this process work?

A: For more exotic commissions the client normally has an idea of what they are looking for.  I meet them, suggest ideas and then we work together to find the perfect fit.  I’ve done commissions ranging from kymono dragons to life size horses to a seven foot orchid!  For family animals it normally works that I will go and meet the animal and owner involved as it gives me a better understanding of the animal’s personality which is the main thing to get across.  I normally take a series of photographs to get as much visual information as possible and then work with the client to find the right composition.

Q: What’s your favourite product from your range and why?

A: I do love the cushions for the fact that they are so luxurious!  We use the finest silk backings and duck feather inner pads to give the weight of a ‘proper’ cushion.

Q: What new additions to the range are you planning for 2012?

A: We are just about to launch a very exciting range of lampshades based on the designs with a more abstract feel, also a range of stunning silk scarves relating back to my fashion roots!  There’s also a range of new animals for prints and cushions including an exotic cockatoo, a great bulldog and a seriously sweet daschund!

You can buy products from Chloe Croft.  Credits: text by Homegirl London, images courtesy of Chloe Croft, special thanks to Chloe Croft.