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Falcon TeamHomegirl London pays homage to Falcon Enamelware.  The iconic British home brand which dates back to the 1920s.  Enamel has been growing in popularity and the distinctive white and blue-rimmed pieces are now considered a design classic.  Beautiful, yet hard-wearing, it is made from porcelain enamel fused onto heavy-gauge steel, giving it durability with a smooth finish.  It stays looking good for a long time, cannot be damaged by heat and is dishwasher safe.  The Falcon range has been revitalised with new sets and colours including baking, drinking, preparing and serving items.  I caught up with the team behind the re-launch of the Falcon brand to ask a few questions …

Q: Tell me about the company history.

A: Falcon was originally established by entrepreneur Joe Kleiner in the 1920s, with the products made in various factories around the Black Country area near Birmingham.  Many countries had their own colour combinations, blue and white being the British national enamelware colours.  Joe Kleiner and Sons went bust 18 years ago and that’s when the current owner took over.  We have been collaborating with the manufacturer for the past two years to create the new Falcon Enamelware range.

Q: Who runs the company now?

A: The new range is a collaboration between the manufacturer, London-based creative directors Kam and Emma Young, Hugh Morse and Peter Hames.  The team is pictured above; L-R: Hugh Morse, Emma Young, Kam Young and Peter Hames.

Q: When did enamelware start becoming popular again and why do you think this happened?

A: It could partly be due to the recession as home cooking and dining has become a more popular, sociable occasion.  Cooking and serving has become a less formal affair and Falcon allows you to serve straight from the oven to table.

A: There’s also something warm and familiar with enamelware. Many people can remember it in their gran’s kitchen or using the mugs on a camping trip.  And there’s increasing popularity for nostalgic comfort foods such as pies and crumbles.  Utilitarianism has also become more mainstream – people want simple, stylish, well-designed products for the home.

Q: Explain how you have revitalised the Falcon product range.

A: We have increased the gauge of the steel and improved the design of some of the edging detail to make it more substantial and ‘finished.’  For example, the mug now has a smooth rounded edge, rather than the slightly sharp lip that was present on the old design.  We have also introduced a new colour palette which engages with the British heritage of the brand but has a modern aesthetic.  We have three new colours – Pillarbox Red, Pigeon Grey and Cream Cracker – to complement the Original White & Blue.  We also felt that Falcon providence should be celebrated so now all Falcon products have a ‘falcon in-flight’ crest which acts as a seal of authenticity fired on the underside of each product.  The brand also has a new visual identity with the logotype referencing the distinctive blue edge of the product.  The packaging is purposefully straight forward, sporting a simple screen-printed, half-tone illustration of a top-down view of the product within.

Q: What’s your best selling product?

A: All the products sell well, but the tumblers have surprised us by how popular they’ve been.  People are using them for all sorts of things – pen pots, toothbrush holders, containers for chips.


Enamelware tumblers, £4.99 each

Q: What new products are you introducing?

A: We’re planning to extend the basic kitchen range to include utensils and storage containers.  Ultimately we want to launch new homewares, a lighting range and furniture.  We’re only at the early stages, but we have been developing some interesting concepts.

Below is a range of the enamelware items available which you can buy from Falcon Enamelware.  They currently ship internationally to the US, Europe and Australia.  You will also find a stockist list available online.  Credits: text by Homegirl London.  Images courtesy of Falcon, lifestyle image at top of the page by Sam Stowell, special thanks to Patricia Gill and the Falcon Enamelware team.

falcon prep grey

6 piece prep set, £54.99-£64.99 depending on the colour

Falcon bake red

5 piece enamelware bake set, £54.99-£64.99 depending on the colour

Falcon pie blue

5 piece enamelware pie set, £44.99-£54.99 depending on the colour

falcon plate grey

4 piece enamelware plate set, £24.99

Falcon mugs

Enamelware mugs, £7.99 each