Homegirl London finds ravishing red heart cooking gifts. If you’re looking for Valentine ideas for foodies, these cute presents will make your heart flutter. You might want to bake your loved one a fluffy sponge using a heart-shaped cake tin. Perhaps you’ll entice their taste buds with a savoury stew served in a red Le Creuset Casserole Dish. Or you might want to surprise your food fanatic lover with a thoughtful gift offering. I’ve picked out a selection of serveware, bakeware and cookware items to tempt you. Enjoy these red heart cooking gifts.

red heart cooking gifts cake tin

Large Red Heart Shaped Cake Tin

Red Heart Cooking Gifts | Bakeware

I’ll start off with some super cute bakeware items. Anyone who loves baking will just adore this Red Hearts Mason Cash Mixing Bowl. Mason Cash is a well-respected British brand which has been in existence since 1800. You can buy this beautiful bowl which features embossed hearts on the outside for useful griping purposes and added delightful decoration. The bowl is white inside so you can clearly see what you are stirring up. You can also hold this bowl in one arm while you mix which is helpful. It’s dishwasher safe and you can also put it in the freezer. It measures 29cm in diameter – £14.99 from Currys PC World. Product code: 090979.

red heart cooking gifts mason cash mixing bowl

Red Hearts Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

This red Silicone Heart Cake Mould makes baking a heart-shaped cake really easy. The silicone material makes sure that the contents are evenly heated. It’s easy to clean and the good news is that you can release your cake without any trouble. It’s also microwave and dishwater safe. The measurements are 22cm high, 23cm wide and 5cm in depth – £6 from Marks and Spencer UK. Product code: T340452A.

red heart cooking gifts silicone cake tin

Silicone Heart Cake Mould

Cake makers will swoon over this Large Red Heart Shaped Cake Tin. They can create giant heart sponges easily thanks to the removable bottom base and lock side mechanism. You can buy it for someone special as a gift or bake a cake for your loved one. The measurements are 7cm high, 22cm wide and 20cm in length with a diameter of 7cm – £3.95 from dotcomgiftshop.

red heart cooking gifts metal cake tin

Large Red Heart Shaped Cake Tin

If you’d rather bake cookies than a cake, try this set of three Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters. They come in a cute red gift box if you want to surprise someone with a thoughtful present. The cutters are made from metal so they are quite strong. You get three sizes of hearts; large 10cm, medium 7.5cm and small 4.5cm – £3.95 from dotcomgiftshop.

red heart cooking gifts cookie cutters

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters

Red Heart Cooking Gifts | Cookware and Serveware

Passionate cooks will lust after the Le Creuset Deep Heart Dish with Lid for oven use. This is a super stylish stoneware casserole dish designed in a beautiful heart shape. It comes with the all essential lid to cover the contents while they cook to perfection. This piece is very durable so will last the owner a long time and is perfect for any occasion. The rimmed edge makes the dish easy to lift out of the oven and carry to the table. It makes a great centrepiece at any dinner party. The measurements are 8.6cm high, 30cm wide and 28.5cm in depth – £49 from Houseology. Product code: LC0051.

red heart cooking gifts le creuset dish with lid

Le Creuset Deep Heart Dish with Lid

If you’re looking for something similar but for the hob, you’ll lust after the Le Creuset Cast Iron Heart Casserole Dish. This is made from high quality cast iron with an enamelled vibrant colour finish. It’s brilliant for braising, stewing and simmering comfort food or piping hot desserts for loved ones. It is dishwasher, freezer, hob, grill and oven safe. You also get a lifetime guarantee with it! The capacity is 1 litre and it measures 18.5cm in width and 13.5cm in diameter – £112 from John Lewis & Partners. Product code: 81314825.

red heart cooking gifts le creuset casserole dish

Le Creuset Cast Iron Heart Casserole Dish

If you want to serve a salad or veggies with your romantic meal you might fall in love with this Heart Bowl with Ladle. The stoneware bowl is white on the outside with a beautiful passionate red colour inside. It comes with an eco-friendly bamboo ladle which rests in the middle of the bowl. This is made by the desirable and stylish Scandinavian brand called Sagaform. The measurements are 12.5cm high, 22cm in width and 25cm in depth – £24.99 from Iwantoneofthose.com UK.

red heart cooking gifts serving bowl

Sagaform Heart Bowl with Ladle

Where to Buy Red Heart Cooking Gifts

If you’ve fallen in love with any of these heartwarming gifts, you can buy from the following online retailers.

Currys PC World: Currys PC World Link
Marks and Spencer UK: Marks and Spencer UK Link
Houseology: Houseology Link
John Lewis & Partners: John Lewis & Partners Link
Iwantoneofthose.com UK: Iwantoneofthose.com UK Link

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Ravishing Red Heart Cooking Gifts