real luxury living rooms, london

Real London Luxury Living Rooms

I’ve picked out my favourite luxury living rooms from The Plum Guide, a website that curates the best holiday homes in London. I just love checking out other people’s interiors whether that’s peering at houses for sale in an estate agent’s windows or being a street voyeur when someone has left their curtains open. Now that The Plum Guide has launched, I can swoon over other people’s homes from the comfort of my armchair. It’s a great website to gather inspiration for luxury living rooms and pick out a property that you’d love to stay in for a weekend at the same time.

luxury living rooms, lambeth manor house

Lovely Living Room

Lovely Luxury Living Rooms

Soak up the history of this manor house built in 1740. With five receptions rooms which open up onto a walled garden, you can even hear the chime of Big Ben outside. This is one of the sitting rooms which has a great mix of classic style furniture sitting nicely alongside more contemporary pieces. The red velvet wing-backed armchair is sensational and brings colour to the space. The grey sofa is modern as is the coffee table and round mirror above the fireplace. Mingled with traditional framed pictures and antique side table, the eclectic collection is spot on.

luxury living rooms, lambeth manor

This ‘Lambeth Manor’ home is near the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth. For £1001 per night, you can enjoy the seven bedrooms, three bathrooms and the wonderful walled garden

Or perhaps you’d prefer this relaxed living room. It connects to an open-plan second snug room where the television is displayed. This means that the main seating area has a grown-up yet laid back feel without the usual TV as the main attraction. What does catch your eye is the colourful artwork hanging over the fireplace which brightens up the space. The sofa looks super comfy and the armchair adds a touch of glamour and elegance to the room. The large grey button detailed footstool pouffe also doubles as a coffee table. This room is filled with light thanks to the shutters which can be flung open to greet the day. Teamed with a wooden floor and neutral walls, you get the sense of space and tranquillity. Because the room hasn’t been overly styled, it feels inviting and somewhere you’d instantly feel at home.

luxury living rooms, between the commons

This ‘Between The Commons’ home is situated between Clapham and Wandsworth Commons. For the price of £424 per night, you can enjoy the four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a balcony rooftop terrace

Entertaining Luxury Living Rooms

This living room incorporates a dining table so is ideal for entertaining. With plain decoration, the colour comes mainly from the upholstery; baby blue dining room chairs, mustard velvet armchairs and sage green sofa. The artwork above the fireplace and a few bold cushions provide splashes of greens and reds. It’s the perfect room for dining guests at the table and then kicking back in the lounge area where you can carry on your conversation. The decoration is mainly in the form of family photographs and that amazing Moroccan light shade above the dining table.

luxury living rooms, once upon a time

This ‘Once Upon A Time’ home is located in Chelsea. For the price of £1144 per night, you can enjoy the four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a terrace

Another entertaining living room is this snug and social apartment in Chelsea. The décor is the perfect mix between luxury and comfy. The rich wood from the flooring, window and door frames are teamed with the darker dining table set and the spectacular coffee table. Elsewhere the upholstery and furnishing fabrics are neutral with pops of colour from the claret cushions. The focal point in the room is that intricate carved wooden coffee table sitting centre stage. Elsewhere there are pretty touches like the feather pulls on the window blinds, the simply gathered drapes on the door and the vase full of fresh flowers.

luxury living rooms, chelsea retreat

This ‘Chelsea Retreat’ is priced £327 per night. You can enjoy the two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a secluded garden

Enjoy These Luxury Living Rooms

If you want more inspiration for your own home, you can view photographs at The Plum Guide. The team have handpicked all the best holiday homes in the capital form over 25 websites. They’ve done all the hard work for you, from visiting the homes and assessing against a stringent checklist to vetting the hosts. Living in a real house or apartment in the capital is the best way to experience London. Don’t delay, book your stay, do it today!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: The Plum Guide. Thanks: Arif Meherali.