warehouse interior design ideas

Real Warehouse Interior Design Ideas

I’ve picked out my favourite London loft apartments from The Plum Guide (Affiliate Link) to showcase real warehouse interior design ideas. The Plum Guide is a brilliant website showcasing the best London holiday homes. If you’ve ever fantasized about living in a converted warehouse building, this is your chance to get a peek inside. Get ready for your tour around some of the best London loft apartments. You can glean some useful warehouse interior design ideas and find somewhere fabulous to stay at the same time!

warehouse interior design ideas, swing shoreditch open plan

Swing Loft Apartment: Embrace the Space

Real Warehouse Interior Design Ideas

What I love about warehouse lofts is the open plan living. You get a real sense of space with kitchens flowing into dining rooms and connecting with the lounge. This NY-LON loft in Shoreditch has exactly that with one expansive entertainment area waiting to greet your guests. You’ll also see the industrial home office desk and filing cabinet just behind the dining table. By retaining those must-have warehouse features of bare brick walls and riveted steel supports, the décor is in keeping with the character of the building. The furniture is an eclectic mix with a contemporary sofa paired with traditional armchairs and Eames dining chairs. There are a few statement pieces for interest including the floor standing vintage style lamp, the giant ornate framed mirror and the communist red star art work.

warehouse interior design ideas, ny lon entertainment space

This NY-LON loft is situated in Shoreditch. For £401 per night, you can enjoy the two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a rather lovely roof garden

In vast warehouse spaces, it’s important to create mini homely zones. This library area is just one small part of a vast loft. The bookcase has been painted a bold blue which draws the eye towards this section. You can afford to go for overtly chunky seating when you have bags of room and these leather squishy chairs and sofa are quite spectacular. With a cosy tufted rug and arched floor lamp, this small part of the loft is very inviting.

warehouse interior design ideas, king of shoreditch library area

The King of Shoreditch loft is located in Shoreditch. For £490 per night, you can take full advantage of the two bedrooms and two bathrooms plus the vast studio space

When you’re blessed with a huge apartment what do you do? Put up a hammock of course! You can swing from the rafters and snooze the afternoon away in this pad. The furniture and accessories are minimal so you really do get that amazing sense of space. With whitewashed walls, the flashes of colour come from the suspended shelving, the hammock and a few cushions. Otherwise, the furniture and fittings are quite neutral. If you enjoy clutter-free living, this is certainly the loft for you.

warehouse interior design ideas, swing shoreditch entertainment space

The aptly named Swing apartment is located in Shoreditch. You can enjoy the two bedrooms and one bathroom for £372 per night

Warehouse Interior Design Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to buy a warehouse pad, try and keep as many original features as possible. Distressed wooden or concrete floors and bare bricks or whitewashed walls are the best way to go. With these types of interiors, you can be raw rather than refined. You don’t have to worry about disguising pipes or wiring, it can be exposed (not dangerous though). If you do want some glamour you can go luxe in the bathroom or bedroom instead.

warehouse interior design ideas, king of shoreditch seating area

King of Shoreditch Loft Apartment: Read a Book in the Papa Bear Chairs

Let your space breath which means not over cluttering. You can pick a few choice objects which can be large whether that’s giant armchairs or big pieces of artwork. Less is more and big is better! Having a large entertainment space is ideal but have defined areas for cooking, eating and sitting. For expansive spaces break up the room with mini seating areas for different purposes like watching TV or reading books.

Experience These Real Warehouse Interior Design Ideas

Get tons of ideas for your own home by clicking your way through the amazing lofts, warehouses and other homes at The Plum Guide Website (Affiliate Link). Because the team have carefully selected all the best London holiday homes for you from over 25 websites, all you have to do is browse this one website. All these warehouse apartments are located in Shoreditch which is a brilliant place to explore in the capital. Don’t delay, book your stay, do it today!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: The Plum Guide.