rock and sole plaice fish and chips

Rock and Sole Plaice Fish and Chips

When my father-in-law is in town, he always requests a visit to the Rock and Sole Plaice who serve the best fish and chips in London. This is such a great place, or should I say plaice (ha, ha) to take guests visiting the capital who want to taste some super fresh fish and expertly made chips. Located on Endell Street in WC2 they are well situated close to many of the tourist attractions and theatres. If you’re searching for fish and chips Covent Garden or Covent Garden restaurants pre-theatre do give the Rock and Sole Plaice a try.

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Fish and Chip Restaurant Feast

This is billed as the oldest fish and chip shop in London, having been established in 1871. Although the business has changed hands over the years, it has always been a chippie. It is currently owned and managed by the Ziyaeddin family who have been running it for the past 35 years and what a fantastic job they’ve done. Read the history of the shop on the website, which is very interesting.

Rock and Sole Plaice Fish and Chips Menu

If you’re craving for some comfort food, you can’t go wrong with fish and chips. But not all fish and chips are made equal, and there is such a big difference to the quality. I’ve eaten at this restaurant many times over the years, and it has always been first class. The fish is locally sourced and sustainable, and you can taste the freshness with every bite. They prepare the fish using a tried and tested 140-year-old recipe, which is a closely guarded secret. The fish selection is very comprehensive, which includes rock, lemon sole, plaice, cod, skate, haddock and halibut with most of these in regular or large sizes. You can also try calamari, long-tail scampi, cod roe and fish cakes.

rock and sole plaice, fish and chips

Traditional Fish and Chips

Alternatively, you can go for a battered beef sausage or smoked pork saveloy. If you’d prefer your chips with a pie, you can choose from all the favourites like chicken and mushroom, steak and kidney, beef and onion or Cornish pastie. Vegetarian options are cheese and onion pastie which I always order and love it. Or you can try the crispy coated Camembert. They also have plenty of sides which include mushy peas and baked beans which go without saying! Their mushy peas are fantastic, which the right consistency. Other extras include coleslaw, pickled onions, gherkins and eggs and bread rolls. Curry sauce, humous and taramasalata are also available.

rock and sole plaice, veggie pastie, chips

Cheese and Onion Pastie with Chips, Heinz Baked Beans and Cup of Tea

Desserts are old fashioned school dinner favourites like jam sponge, spotted dick and sticky toffee pudding, or you can try the banana fritters. If you are a vegetarian check for the suet, we were told the spotted dick was vegetarian while the sticky toffee wasn’t. Drinks include tea, coffee, fizzy drinks plus a few wines and beers.

rock and sole plaice, spotted dick

Spotted Dick with Custard

Rock and Sole Plaice Interiors

This restaurant sits on the corner of Endell Street and Shorts Gardens. They have a large outdoor dining section outside the restaurant where you will find wooden tables with bench seats and large umbrellas overhead. It’s a great spot to watch the world go by and ideal if you want a cigarette or enjoy the weather. The building façade is beautifully presented in an old fashioned style which makes it very appealing. Read the painted writing on the side of the building, which says thank you to the ladies who taught them how to cook the fish and chips.

rock and sole plaice fish and chips, interior

Restaurant Interiors

Inside you have two levels. It is better to sit upstairs because you get a view of the busy kitchen in action. People ordering takeaway fish and chips will also be queuing, so it does get a bit hectic at prime eating times. The interiors are clean and what you’d expect from this type of eatery which adds to the overall charm of this place (or plaice, ha, ha, sorry I couldn’t resist making this pun again). You’ll see posters of Covent Garden theatrical productions on the walls. To gain access to downstairs you go through the kitchen. In the basement are more tables and chairs and walls decorated with a fishing boat mural. With excellent quality food, a professional service and typical fish and chip restaurant surroundings, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy some comfort food on a cold day.

Rock and Sole Plaice Fish and Chips Information

rock and sole plaice, fish and chips, exeterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Traditional style fish and chips
Price: Regular cod and chips £15, fishcake and chips £5, cheese and onion pastie with chips £7, side of mushy peas £2
Website: Rock and Sole Plaice
Address: 47 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9AJ
Near: Covent Garden and not far from Holborn or Leicester Square
Open: Check the website for up to date opening times
Wi-Fi: Yes
Décor: Traditional fish and chip restaurant style
Seating: Pavement tables and chairs with room for around 30+ people, on the ground level there are seats for approximately 20 with more seating downstairs
Reservations: No

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy, Jack and Violet for dining with me.