rockett st george uniquely eclectic online interiors emporium

Rockett St George uniquely eclectic online interiors emporium

Shop spotlight on Rockett St George. The online interiors emporium offers a unique and eclectic mix of cool-looking vintage industrial furniture, industrial lighting, home accessories, wall art, jewellery and gifts. Many of their pieces have a vintage vibe or industrial edge and stock desirable objects of curiosity. This business is the brainchild of friends Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, hence the name. I caught up with the duo to find out more.

rockett st george vintage selection

Rockett St George – Vintage Vibe

Meet the Rockett St George Owners

Having met at a friend’s fancy dress party, Jane and Lucy realised they had so much in common – car booting, flea markets, decorating and an insatiable appetite for interior magazines. They tell me, “the main motivation for the launch of Rockett St George was that we were both decorating addicts and found it difficult to source exciting treasures for our homes.” Having a passion for interiors is one thing, but combined with the necessary skills of Jane’s career background in marketing, retail and photography and Lucy’s work as a florist, retail experience and event organisation, this made their dream a reality.

rocket st george owners jane rockett and lucy st george

Rocket St George – Jane Rockett and Lucy St George

Becoming a web retailer was an easy decision. They tell me, “we feel that an online store doesn’t have the boundaries of a physical store. We can appeal to a worldwide audience and market ourselves accordingly.” This also fitted in with their lives, “when we started the business, we had young children and couldn’t commit to shopping opening times. We worked at night and early morning but could still do the important bits like the school run. The business has grown so fast that we now employ twenty people. It’s taken on a life of its own, and as a result, we now both work full time.”

rockett st george industrial selection

Rockett St George – Industrial Edge

Owning their own company gives them so much pleasure, “working with your best friend, the dream team we’ve handpicked, and the talented designers is a privilege. We also love travelling the world in pursuit of new and beautiful products which our clients then embrace to become best sellers.”

rockett st george curiosity objects

Rockett St George – Curiosity Corner

Rockett St George Collection

They describe their regular customers as “Urban Cool, which is rather flattering, but we believe it is anyone who likes unique, beautiful and often slightly bonkers treasures for their homes at affordable prices.”  These Urban Cool types certainly have an extensive selection of pieces to buy, “we sell a huge range of products from the very inexpensive yet stylish to the most unique and bespoke hand-made collectable pieces. We update our website weekly with new products to keep it fresh and exciting.”

To give you an idea of what you can expect to find online, Jane and Lucy have recommended five products for you to admire.

rockett st george zinc and brass picture frames

Zinc and Brass Picture Frames from £9.95

rockett st george floral tin ceiling tiles

Floral Tin Ceiling Tiles £19

rockett st george wooden beaded chandelier

Beaded Wooden Chandelier £950

rockett st george harlequin tea lights

Harlequin Tea Lights from £6.95

rockett st george industrial leather bar stool

Industrial Leather Bar Stool £140

You’ll find a great selection of established homeware brands and smaller designer-makers online. They work with household names such as Andrew Martin, Cole & Son, House Doctor, Young & Battaglia, NLXL, Piet Boon, Merci, Rory Dobner and more. They also champion rising stars and tell me, “we like to work with designer-makers whose fresh ideas always surprise, and delight –Ros Shiers, We Love Karou, Karin Akesson, Andy Poplar, Emma Cowlam, Ines Cole, to name a few.”

Buy Rockett St George Products

For more information and buy these beautiful products, go to Rockett St George. You can pick up a simple tea light for as little as £2, up to the top-end bespoke artwork for around £2,000 – with everything in between! The good news is that they also ship worldwide.

Rockett St George offers impeccable customer service and is more than happy to help you realise your décor dreams.  Subscribe to their monthly Hot List to keep up to date with their new finds.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Rockett St George. Thanks: Jane Rockett, Lucy St George and Sophie Fairbairn.