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Rustic Natural Woven Rattan Laundry Baskets

Homegirl London’s Fabulous Finds: Rattan Laundry Baskets. Don’t air your dirty laundry in public, treat yourself to a rustic rattan basket instead. I’ve picked out my favourite natural woven Rattan Laundry Baskets to share with you. Some have lids, carry handles and linings, some are square while others are round. I hope you find one to suit you and your home.

Rattan Laundry Baskets

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My Fabulous Finds

Dark and Light Laundry Basket: Vintage style rattan laundry hamper with hinged lid and space to separate your light and dark clothes ready for washing (how thoughtful!), £120 from Graham & Green (product code: GXU6432).

Rectangle Rattan Laundry Basket: Slim rattan basket with lid and lining which helps you separate your dark from your light clothing, £150 from Cox and Cox (product code: H-RECTLAUND).

Kubu Natural Laundry Baskets: Set of two baskets woven from 100% Kubu rattan complete with cotton lining and lids, £99 from Barker and Stonehouse (product code: KUBB4613ST56).

Bembridge Laundry Basket: Natural finish rattan weaved basket in a lovely rustic round shape complete with lid, £110 from Amara (product code: BARA15).

Kubu Stair Laundry Basket: Handy basket with carrying handle for anyone who needs to bring laundry down from upstairs, £36.99 from Wayfair (PACH1571).

Bira Laundry Basket: Natural rattan round laundry hamper with lid and side carry handles in a choice of light or dark brown, £75 from Urbanara GmbH.

Java Laundry Basket: Dark brown hand-woven rattan basket with lid and side carry handles, £89 from Urbanara GmbH.

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