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Saturday Morning Spa Terminus Food Market

Food Market Review: Spa Terminus. If you live in Bermondsey or near Tower Bridge, you may have heard about Spa Terminus. Located inside railway arches dating back to the 1800s you’ll find locals buying their organic vegetable, orchard fruit, artisan cheese, biodynamic wine and Monmouth coffee beans. Many of the food and drink businesses make or stock products here which they sell to trade suppliers during the week. On Saturday from about 8.30 am until 2.30 pm they open their doors to the public. It’s a short walk from Maltby Street Food Market and worth exploring if you’re looking for a farmer’s market in SE16 or Bermondsey Food Market.

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Railway Arches

Spa Terminus Food Suppliers

To give you an idea of what treats lie in wait as you meander your way through the railway arches, here are a few to tempt your taste buds.

saturday morning spa terminus food market, wild mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms

Cheese: The French Comte makes delicious cheese. The Ham and Cheese Company is another cheese supplier to try. Kappacasein Dairy has a selection of cheese which include the Bermondsey Frier and Bermondsey Hard Pressed. Check out Kaseswiss if you love Dutch or Swiss cheese. Mons Cheesemongers sells farmhouse traditional cheese and a collection from France and Switzerland. Neals Yard Dairy selects, matures and sells farmhouse cheese from the UK and Ireland.

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Kaseswiss Cheese

Meat: Butchery sells seasonal free-range meat which includes poultry, beef, lamb and pork. Cannon & Cannon makes British cured meat and charcuterie. Crown & Queue are speciality dry-cured sausage makers. O’Shea’s Butchers is known for bespoke butchery and ageing from a small group of farmers and from their livestock.

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Fresh Vegetables

Other Food: England Preserves makes premium jam from locally sourced orchard fruits and berries. Husk and Honey are known for their quality granola mixes. The Ice Cream Union makes artisan freshly churned ice cream and a selection of sorbets which is worth stopping by for a scoop or two.

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Little Bread Pedlar

Pick up your sourdough loaf or rye bread from The Little Bread Pedlar. Oliveology specialises in Greek olives from independent farmers using traditional and sustainable methods. Puntarelle & Co is the place to buy fresh seasonal and sustainable fruit and vegetables from England, Italy and France. For wild mushrooms and foraged ingredients try The Wild Room.

Spa Terminus Drink Suppliers

Drinks: Dynamic Vines is an exclusive importer of organic and biodynamic wine producers. Maltby & Greek distributes Geek wines, spirits and beers along with food products from Greece. The Kernel Brewery is the place to pick up pale ale, Indian pale ale and stout. Buy coffee beans from the Monmouth Coffee Company or Coleman Coffee Roasters.

saturday morning spa terminus food market, monmouth coffee

Monmouth Coffee

Spa Terminus Location

For a foodie Saturday, start at Maltby Street Food Market where you can eat breakfast, brunch or lunch. You’ll find it open on Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm (and Sunday 11  am until 4 pm). It’s located at ropewalk (where Maltby Street joins ropewalk) which is parallel to Druid Street.

saturday morning spa terminus food market, maltby street market

Maltby Street Food Market Ropewalk

Afterwards continue to Enid Street and at the junction of Enid Street and Spa Road you’ll see fruit and veg being sold and Mons Cheesemonger with their doors open. To find Monmouth Coffee go through the tunnel at the back to Arch 3 Discovery Estate St James’s Road.

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Look Out For The Signage To Food Suppliers

The suppliers are dotted around, so keep your eyes open for signage. Make sure you visit Dockley Road Industrial Estate, Discovery Business Park, Apollo Business Park, Spa Business Park and Voyager Business Park. For more information see the Spa Terminus Website, if you click on the company name it will give you the address. Opening times on Saturday are approximately 8.30-2.30 but do vary. I would say go about 9.30 and don’t go too late as some may close at 2 pm. Enjoy your foodie fest! See more pictures of the Spa Terminus and the area on my Love Bermondsey London Pinterest Board. Read more about my favourite Ten Things to do in Bermondsey if you want to explore the area more.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy for visiting with me.