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Serving Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Homegirl London finds serving breakfast in bed essentials and extras. Mother’s Day in the UK is on the way (Sunday 6 March 2016) so treating her to breakfast is a lovely idea. I’ve found some beautiful products which can make the occasion really special. See my favourite breakfast in bed tray, egg cups, toast rack and more. Presenting a well thought out tray along with yummy food will put your mum in a great mood for the rest of the day. If you’re looking for Mothering Sunday gift ideas read on for my serving breakfast in bed inspiration and ideas.

serving breakfast in bed, white tray

White Breakfast in Bed Tray from The White Company (Picture Affiliate Link)

Serving Breakfast in Bed Essentials

This Breakfast in Bed Tray is big enough to arrange all those important breakfast essentials. It features fold-away legs so you can store it under the bed or in a cupboard when it’s not in use. The top is lacquered so it is really easy to clean up any sticky jam. It has actually been coated with ten layers of glossy white paint which is quite extravagant. The sides are deep so you can carry the tray upstairs without worrying about any spills. You also get two cut-out carry handles on each side. The measurements not including the legs are 5cm high, 40cm wide and 55cm in length, priced £40 (usually £50) from The White Company.

serving breakfast in bed, fold away tray

White Breakfast in Bed Tray from The White Compan (Picture Affiliate Link)

I found a collection of beautiful natural glazed stoneware ceramic pieces which you can buy individually to create a special breakfast set. These items have been made by hand so you can see small marks created by the potter’s fingers. The good news is that these items can also be placed in the dishwasher and microwave which is really useful. You can buy a small coffee cup which is perfect for espresso or latte for £16. The tea mug has a comfy handle and is light to pick up for £18. The cute creamer jug is perfect for serving cream, milk or honey, £12. They also have a beautiful breakfast bowl which is ideal for muesli or fruit with yoghurt, £22. These are available from Nom Living at This company works with artisans in Cambodia and Vietnam to create sustainable products for the home. Product codes: Coffee Cup 564062, Tea Mug 548402, Creamer 564274 and Breakfast Bowl 564126.

serving breakfast in bed, handmade stoneware tableware

Artisan Made Breakfast Stoneware Selection from Nom Living at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Another stunning stoneware collection which you can buy individually is by Tom Butcher. His back to basics Loch Long tableware range is rustic and functional with a subtle oatmeal glaze which is food safe and suitable for dishwashers. Some pieces which are perfect for your breakfast in bed tray include the egg cups which have no base so can double up as napkin rings for £4. The honey pot is just too cute for words and comes with a wooden turned honey twirler, £17.50. Jam lovers will appreciate the preserving pot with its own maple wood spoon, £17.50. The collection also includes mugs, jugs and more so do explore. The Tom Butcher range is available from Product codes: Egg Cups 146714, Honey Pot 62485 and Preserve Pot 62488.

serving breakfast in bed, rustic egg cups

Tom Butcher Rustic Breakfast Stoneware Selection from Tom Butcher at (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Denby Linen stoneware range is effortlessly stylish with subtle and very soothing colour. The Linen collection is made in England from locally sourced clay which is then handcrafted by potters and glazed for durability. I’ve picked out a few items from the extensive collection to highlight. The toast rack is perfect for your thoughtful breakfast in bed tray for £20.40. You can also buy a matching butter dish which has a lovely lid, £32.40. I love the shape of the cereal bowl which can also be used for soup – £9. The egg cup is so adorable, £5.40. Other pieces include plates, sugar bowls, jugs, teapots and more. You can buy this range from John Lewis & Partners. Product codes: Toast Rack 68220335, Butter Dish 68220316, Cereal Bowl 72001304 and Egg Cup 68220333.

serving breakfast in bed, denby linen tableware

Denby Linen Stoneware Selection from John Lewis & Partners (Picture Affiliate Link)

Proper napkins are a nice touch to any meal occasion. These Linen Embroidered Napkins in the cream are simple and stylish with a hand-embroidered trim in a lovely lavender colour. They are soft to touch and a generous size in a square shape. The price is £12.50. You can buy from the Home Address at Product code: 262242.

serving breakfast in bed, linen napkin

Linen Embroidered Napkins from Home Address at (Picture Affiliate Link)

To make the breakfast even more special you can add a freshly cut flower in a cute vase. Something small which won’t take up much room on the tray is advisable. This Meadow Porcelain Bottle Vase features a pretty whimsical line drawing illustration of Somerset flowers. It has been handmade using slip-cast porcelain and finished with a glaze. It is dishwasher safe. By Boop Design at, priced £19. Product code: 530027.

serving breakfast in bed, small bottle vase

Meadow Porcelain Bottle Vase from Boop Design at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Serious breakfast and brunch lovers will thank you for a book dedicated to this very subject. Breakfast: Morning, Noon and Night has been written by Fern Green. It features plenty of sweet treats and savoury delights which can be enjoyed for breakfast and beyond. It includes global dishes from India, Mexico and other exotic locations. The book has a hardcover with 160 pages including inspirational photographs. You can read the book first and get some ideas before you wrap it up as a gift! The price is £18.99 from Anthropologie (UK). Product code: 7584404899154.

serving breakfast in bed, recipe book

Breakfast Book from Anthropologie UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Serving Breakfast in Bed Ideas

You don’t have to go overboard with the cooking side of things. It really is best to make something that your mum actually likes. What you should do is up the game. For example, if she likes muesli, buy a really good brand for her. Upgrade your standard full English breakfast with premium eggs, bacon and sausages, grilled vine tomatoes and a big Portobello mushroom. Buy some decent bread for toast, try sourdough or perhaps brioche which you can serve with quality preserves and honey. If she likes coffee treat her to a decent brew. Instead of carton orange juice squeeze it fresh. Keep it simple but upgrade so she feels special and you don’t get too stressed! Don’t forget to put a freshly cut flower in a vase for her (unless she suffers from hay fever that is!).

serving breakfast in bed, handmade cereal bowl

Artisan Made Breakfast Cereal Bowl from Nom Living at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Serving Breakfast in Bed Products

If you want to make breakfast in bed extra special, you can buy these products from the following websites.

The White Company Affiliate Link: The White Company
Nom Living, Tom Butcher, Boop and Home Address at Affiliate Link:
John Lewis & PartnersAffiliate Link: John Lewis & Partners
Anthropologie (UK) Affiliate Link: Anthropologie (UK)

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